Made Up Lost Time by Kevin Garrett | EP Review

Kevin Garrett

The past few years have been a wild ride for musician Kevin Garrett, from releasing his debut EP “Mellow Drama” in 2015 to GRAMMY nominations, festival performances and shows with acts such as Mumford & Sons and Alessia Cara, and dropping his debut LP “Hoax” last year. Kevin has returned with his newly released sophomore EP, “Made Up Lost Time.”

The opening track “Tell You How I’m Feeling” really shows Kevin’s talent as a vocalist through a soulful performance that provides good melodies in the verses, and the harmonies in the chorus add more to the performance. The vocals really shine on the following track “Keep You Waiting” as well, as they bring a memorable pre-chorus that helps build up the song really well to its chorus. 

“Can’t Come Back” is on the much softer side, and the piano fits perfectly on the track. The melodies on here are really good as well and the song makes a great ballad overall. Lead single “Gone Again” is on the more upbeat side, bringing a rhythm as catchy as the melodies, and closing track “Factor In” is also a bit slower and is one of the most memorable and well-written songs the EP has to offer.

“Made Up Lost Time” is a soulful and memorable sophomore EP from Kevin Garrett.

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Anchors & Atlases – Self Titled EP

Anchors & Atlases - Self Titled EP

Anchors & Atlases is a pop punk/alternative band from Western Massachusetts. The band takes much influence in their pop punk/alternative style from other artists such as All Time Low, Mayday Parade, and The Maine. Recently Anchors & Atlases released a 6 track EP. The EP starts off with a beautiful instrumental track, followed by an upbeat love song. Track 3 “Of All Gin Joints” starts off slowly and the instruments flow evenly through the song. Track 4 “Across State Lines” is perfect for anyone dealing with the struggle of being in a long distance relationship, wether it be a significant other or a family member. As we all know music pushes us all through the hard times. Track 5 “Puzzle Piece(Perfect Fit)” has great harmonies mixed with the perfect instrumentals. Lastly Track 6 “North Star” is a more stripped down acoustic song, as most of our readers know I’m a sucker for a good acoustic jam, so this song is my favorite off of the EP.

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Forget Me In Vegas “Coulda Shoulda” Review

Forget Me In Vegas is a pop-rock band from Rochester New York. Members including Vocalist : Chris Wurzburg, Guitarist : Jamie Okrzynski & Drummer : Joe Raymond. Recently releasing their sophomore EP “Coulda Shoulda” consisting of 5 songs available for free download on their band camp page. Here’s our track by track break down : 1.) Destined To Fall – starts off with a super catchy pop intro, going into to telling what seems to be a love story. Through out the song FMIV still keeps up energy/ catchy beat that makes me want to dance immediately. 2.) High – Seems to be the perfect song to get anyone excited for summer, or a party of some sorts. 3.) Let’s Leave, No Words – Slowing it down a little bit, yet still keeping up with their bands energy. Break up song of the EP maybe ? I’ll have to ask ! 4.) Could’ve* Should’ve* – For sure one of my favorites, mostly cause I could relate to what they’re singing about. 5.) You and I ft Red Rabbit – Red Rabbit’s voice is different from usual, but if you ask me it fits perfectly with the song. For the EP as a whole if All Time Low, and older Paradise Fears had a musical baby Forget Me In Vegas would be it!

Christine Trimarco // Creator&Founder

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