Made Up Lost Time by Kevin Garrett | EP Review

Kevin Garrett

The past few years have been a wild ride for musician Kevin Garrett, from releasing his debut EP “Mellow Drama” in 2015 to GRAMMY nominations, festival performances and shows with acts such as Mumford & Sons and Alessia Cara, and dropping his debut LP “Hoax” last year. Kevin has returned with his newly released sophomore EP, “Made Up Lost Time.”

The opening track “Tell You How I’m Feeling” really shows Kevin’s talent as a vocalist through a soulful performance that provides good melodies in the verses, and the harmonies in the chorus add more to the performance. The vocals really shine on the following track “Keep You Waiting” as well, as they bring a memorable pre-chorus that helps build up the song really well to its chorus. 

“Can’t Come Back” is on the much softer side, and the piano fits perfectly on the track. The melodies on here are really good as well and the song makes a great ballad overall. Lead single “Gone Again” is on the more upbeat side, bringing a rhythm as catchy as the melodies, and closing track “Factor In” is also a bit slower and is one of the most memorable and well-written songs the EP has to offer.

“Made Up Lost Time” is a soulful and memorable sophomore EP from Kevin Garrett.

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The American Nightmare Tour 2017 | Photos & Review

The American Nightmare Tour came through Toronto and it was quite the show. Beartooth was the first band to come on, their stage presence and Caleb Shomos’ roaring screams were enough to start off the show strong. Following that Underoath hit the stage playing fan favorites from every one of their albums. You could feel the energy in the crowd as these pioneers of metal-core rocked the stage. Finally , the main act, Bring Me the Horizon. The whole arena shook with excitement as they came on and you could hear thousands of screams upon Oli Sykes arrival. They kicked off the show with confetti and an amazing lighting set up while playing Happy Song. If this tour is coming near you I highly suggest you go, it’s not worth missing.

Photography and Review by Chris Luna

March 15,2017| Ricoh Coliseum | Toronto

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Statelines EP – Dylan Jakobsen

Statelines EP - Dylan Jakobsen

Dylan Jakobsen , an alternative country artist is just starting to break the mold and hit the surface of the music scene. Working in the music world for around two years Dylan has shared the stage with many other amazing artists. These artists include : Boys Likes Girls, This Providence, The Maine, Parachute, and many more. Recently Dylan released a four track EP called “Statelines” . Track after track Dylan keeps the music and vocals upbeat. Vocals may get softer, but that just makes Dylan’s voice that much more soothing. One track even features Josh Withenshaw formerly of Every Avenue. You don’t want to miss this, pick it up here :

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Review : Seven Year War – Welcome to the Work Force

Suburbia, Good Guys, Take Take, White Lies, Not Alone.
Fun riffs you find in songs of bands like Yellowcard and Blink-182 are found embedded into the 5 songs included in this EP. With these riffs accented by the beats coming from the drums, Seven Year War’s EP will make you want to jump around and have some fun. The unique vocals of Johannes dance perfectly on the layered beats of the drums played by Matt and guitar played by Levi. My favorite song on Welcome to The Work Force is Good Guys. This song had lyrics like “Why do all them good guys cry? Why do all them bad girls lie?” Over all this EP is fun to listen to while driving, working out, or doing things around the house.

-Kim Cisneros

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