The Mowgli’s | 5/3/17

Photography by : Angel Haines

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The Resistance Tour 2017 | Photos


Photography by : Angel Haines

3/11/17 @ Alrosa Villa in Columbus, OH

The American Nightmare Tour 2017 | Photos & Review

The American Nightmare Tour came through Toronto and it was quite the show. Beartooth was the first band to come on, their stage presence and Caleb Shomos’ roaring screams were enough to start off the show strong. Following that Underoath hit the stage playing fan favorites from every one of their albums. You could feel the energy in the crowd as these pioneers of metal-core rocked the stage. Finally , the main act, Bring Me the Horizon. The whole arena shook with excitement as they came on and you could hear thousands of screams upon Oli Sykes arrival. They kicked off the show with confetti and an amazing lighting set up while playing Happy Song. If this tour is coming near you I highly suggest you go, it’s not worth missing.

Photography and Review by Chris Luna

March 15,2017| Ricoh Coliseum | Toronto

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Plaid Brixx | 2/19/17 | WTK10

 Plaid Brixx |Baltimore MD | 2/19/17

Photos by : Angel Haines 

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Cymbals Eat Guitars | 12/30/16

Photography by : Nicholas Cruz 

Patent Pending | Loud Fest 2016

  Patent Pending is a 5, sometimes 6 piece pop-punk band from Long Island NY.

10/15/16 Loud Fest Day 1 | Game Changer World

Photos by : C.Trimarco

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As It Is | Don’t Call It A Sum-Back Tour.

October 19, 2016 | Saint Andrews Hall | Detroit Michigan

Photos by Chris Luna | @chrislvna on Instagram.

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