We Support

Team Lilly Foundation –  501(c)3 Non-profit for children battling Childhood Cancer through treatment, remission and as heaven welcomes them. PLEASE Donate !!

C.Trimarco Photography  – A New York City based photographer who really enjoys taking pictures, most often at concerts and family events. She is always looking to add to her portfolio and will photograph any event. She would like to get her photography seen by as many people in this world as possible.

Jamie Kaufman -Photographer based in California, and Assistant Editor for this outlet.

Elizabeth Rajchart – Disabled STL based photographer with a passion for accessibility in the arts and in the world.

Hope Through Headphones – A movement started by a friend of ours, Lexi Rodriguez, dedicated to providing mental health education and support to students using music to connect and inspire.

 Korean ( 여보세요! 제 이름은 샤이엔입니다. )
She is a graphic designer and photographer based out of Cincinnati, Ohio but she’s from a VERY small town in West Virginia. She’s been photographing bands since 2013 , and it’s just become her happy place being a huge music supporter. Traveling and photographing are her happy places. | ✌🏻❤️🤘🏻📸✈️





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