Beach Weather | The Maine

Beach Weather & The Maine | Photography by : Angel Haines

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Staten Island Spring Art & Music Festival

On Saturday I met & shared a tent with Audrey GreenEyes at what happened to be both of our first vending experiences. I’m so happy with the results of the event, even though I only displayed a small amount of my photography on canvas, and in a binder. I’m left with no more business cards, new clients , and I even made my first sale. Its safe to say next time around will be bigger & better. Its only up from here. If you are in need of some delicious treats head over to @cheesecakesforchange on Instagram, $5.00 from each purchase goes to charity. Please check out the talented artists I had the pleasure of meeting at this event. HUGE thank you to my family & friends that came out to support my dreams.

Thank you @sitalentnyc for having me.

April 29th, 2017 | Lyons Pool Park | Staten Island New York

Photography & review by Cristine Trimarco

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Mya’s first concert | The Dollyrots

Mya, 10, attended her first concert on March 22, 2017. She went with her aunt, aunt’s best friend, her grandma, & her grandpa. The concert was held at the Fubar in St. Louis, Missouri. The Dollyrots consist of punk rock couple Luis Cabezas, guitarist/vocals, Kelly Ogden, Bassist/ vocals. The drummer on this current tour who has been with them a few years is Rikki Styx. A member of the Two Tens who opened for The Dollyrots. Mya has been listening to The Dollyrots since she was 3 years old. She has collected all of the cd’s and put stickers all over her room. She was really, really excited to get to see them in person. She was hoping to meet them, but she got to do more than that. We had got to the concert, waited patiently, and stood in the front row. Finally the show we had waited months for had finally started. We were seeing The Dollyrots in real life. It was AWESOME! They played lots of songs from “Kick Me To The Curb” to songs off the new album ‘Whiplash Splash’ It was exciting to hear the new songs live. This album was put out via PledgeMusic with support from the fans. The band worked hard recording and packing the packages up. It was released on March 24th. Those who had pledged got it a month earlier, How sweet! Be sure to check it out. Kelly Ogden, lead singer/ bassist, dedicated”Jackie Chan” to Kritter, Mya’s Aunt, because one of the DVD’s Kritter had found at the Goodwill was a Jackie Chan DVD. Then she gave Mya a shout out for being at her first concert. Then at the very end the most exciting thing in the world happened for Ms Mya. During the last song, “Because I’m Awesome” Kelly came down in the crowd. She sang with all of us and then she grabbed Mya by the hand and took her on stage. Mya got to sing the last verse of the song. She handled it like a rock star. Singing with Kelly was a life changing moment. She even got to hit the drum! Mya’s Grandma and Grandpa couldn’t see this from where they were sitting but they wanted to include a special THANK YOU to the Dollyrots. What a special way to enjoy a first concert. She also got to meet the band after the show for autographs and photographs. They are just the sweetest people on the planet.

Write up by Katie Ritter.  | Photos by Thomas Ricks of

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Set It Off starts tour on in TWO days.

Never before seen photos of Set It Off in honor of Set It Off heading out with Simple Plan from 3/10 through 4/18, then again on 5/27 to 5/29 in the United Kingdom.

 You can view tour dates & purchase tickets : here

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  Photos by :Cristine Trimarco @ Loud Fest in NJ.

Not In OUR scene.

Review of “Illuminate Me” by Bad Cop


Illuminate Me by Bad Cop has this retro feel with the singers vocals and the instruments behind the vocals make you want to get up and dance. The first thing you hear is a great beat and a very memorable guitar melody through out the song. The lyrics are original and unique, you’ll find yourself singing along in the chorus. You could jam out to this song  in our car without a doubt. This makes the song unique because the instruments give the song energy and the vocals give it that relaxing vibe. The vocals and instruments play on each other instead of against each other which is a very good thing. All components of this song fit well together and compliment each other.

Review by Rachael Cox



The End Is Here : NYC Tour Review


On January 27th, I attended my first show of 2017. I got to attend “The End Is Here” tour. It was an honor to start this year off with these three amazing bands, Falling In Reverse, Issues and Motionless In White. On tour, they had the help of upcoming bands Dead Girls Academy and Dangerkids as opening acts for the three. I must say, each band gave it their all on this night. The lighting for each set was absolutely phenomenal. My friend and I bought VIP for the show, with VIP we got to meet all three main acts. Meet and greet with Falling In Reverse went pretty quick, The guys in Issues made the time to talk to each fan and greet them very kindly. But when we got to Motionless In White, they stopped meeting the fans after I guess a certain time limit, so we did not get to meet them. Did not receive any of the merchandise to come with the package as well. VIP was very messy, there were three lines for each act. I feel we should have received what we paid for to seem fair. No big deal to us though. First time ever hearing Dead Girls Academy and Dangerkids, I was in shock with their stage presence. Very energetic. Issues, Motionless In White and Falling In Reverse had fantastic stage presence as well. Each band had a theme for their set, which was pretty amazing. Overall, the whole show was killer. Bravo to each band and the members for giving it their all. Such a fun night, I suggest catching this tour when it hits a city near you.

Review by : Gina Castaldi