Interview with Times Like These

Times Like These is a 4-piece pop rock band from Long Island, New York, consisting of vocalist Mike Acampora, bassist Zach Dyer, guitarist Eddie Giuffo, and drummer Cody Omage, have toured throughout the East coast, finding new fans everywhere they go with their energetic and intimate live performances.


What was is like working with Hope ( Vista), while covering Panic ! At The Disco ?Hope is amazing! She’s super talented and her band is phenomenal! Working with her was amazing and we would love to work with her again.  You can view the cover here.

You worked with Rian Dawson ( All Time Low ) on your song, “Take me Home “.  How did that go ? We clicked with Rian and his assistant Dan right off the bat. It was such a smooth process and it honestly couldn’t have went any better. We can wait to work with them again.

Where did the band name come from ? Did you have any others chosen first ?
Times Like These actually comes from a lyric in the old All Time Low song “Noel”. We had a few other names in mind but we didn’t like any of them as much as we liked TLT. Two that stick out to me are Sound The Alarm and Easy Target.
What was the very first show you played, who was it with, and how did it go ? The very first show we ever played was in our friends backyard and it went pretty well for our first show. Our friends in Break Down The Walls and Suburban Zombie also played. Everyone killed it that night.

Out of all of your releases, which is your favorite song, and why?
My favorite song we’ve ever put out at the moment is Take Me Home. Writing it came so natural and it’s so much fun to play live!

Times Like These | Interview questions by Madison Boyce

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SABROSO Craft Beer, Taco & Music Festival | April 2019


Sabroso Craft Beer, Taco & Music Festival powered by Gringo Bandito will embark on its biggest year yet in 2019. After announcing that its flagship Southern California event will expand to two days this year — Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7 at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA — Sabroso will also hit the road for single day shows in Fort Worth (4/14), Salt Lake City (4/27), and Denver (4/28) in April. Each date of the 6th annual taco and craft beer celebration features a music lineup headlined by The Offspring, along with The Vandals, Black Flag, Strung Out, and Dwarves. Bad Religion and Sum 41 will perform on select dates. Visit for music lineup details, location, and to purchase tickets.

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Nothing More Brings The Truth Tour to The Belasco

I’ve been a fan of Nothing More for several years, and they are a band I listen to on a regular basis. With this lineup and timing, it worked out perfectly to finally see them and photograph their set. To say I was amazed by the lineup and especially Nothing More’s set-list would be an understatement.

The first band up was Palisades from Iselin, New Jersey. This was my 5th time seeing the band and they blow me away every time I see them. The band prepared an 8 song set for this run, 5 of which coming from their newest album “Erase The Pain”, which was released on December 28th, 2018 via Rise Records. This album has a dear place in my heart, as it covers the many hardships of mental health, and hearing the songs live just meant that much more to me. The band is comprised of vocalist Lou Miceli, Bassist and Vocalist Brandon Elgar, Guitarists Matt Marshall and Xavier Adames, and drummer Aaron Rosa. They are all amazingly kind individuals and truly kill it live. This is a band you MUST listen to if you haven’t yet. They have a sound that mixes post-hardcore, hard rock, and electronic together with perfect harmony.

       The next up was Hyro The Hero from Houston, Texas. The rap metal group was only with the tour for this special Los Angeles date, as other act on the tour, Badflower, was doing their album release show that same night in L.A. over at the El Ray Theater. Hyro the Hero combines the sounds of rap, hard rock, and nu-metal. I had never listened to them prior to this show but was blown away by their stage presence and tightness as a group. The band, named after vocalist and rapper Hyron Fenton, performed an 8-song set, most of which came from their 2018 release “Flagged Channel”. I would definitely recommend giving them a listen.

The biggest supporting act came up next, that being Of Mice & Men. I had seen them a couple of times before this show, the last being in 2017 when they toured with In This Moment and Avatar. But Of Mice & Men completely blew my mind this night when they played an 8-song set, 4 of which came from their 2019 release “Defy”, which was released via Rise Records. They threw in some fan favorites from older albums, which hit me right in the heart. Of Mice & Men was one of the first bands in the genre that helped me fall in love with Metalcore as a whole and seeing them fully confident and realized this time around was beautiful and heartwarming to say the least.

The final band was none other than Nothing More. Nothing More was on fire with their performance from start to finish. As the set began, vocalist Jonny Hawkins sprayed a white curtain, which dropped to reveal the shirtless vocalist with half of his torso painted black. The band played a 17song set, which consisted of 9 songs from their 2017 release “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”, 5 songs from their 2014 self-titled album “Nothing More”, and a couple of covers. The band has been signed to Eleven Seven Records for a couple of years now, releasing those two albums and garnering a large following in the process. The band’s energy was unbeatable and truly blew my expectations right out of the water. The Truth tour was a spectacle of an event and truly gave us some unforgettable moments. I am so glad I was finally able to see Nothing More, and got to see some amazing bands alongside them.

February 22, 2019 | By: Jamie Kaufman 

**Keep an eye out for the photos from this show in posts to come**

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Chelsea Grin & Born of Osiris | Simulation Tour 2019

Photography courtesy of  : Jamie Kaufman 

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2019 © The Camera Affect

Faintheart | ON TOUR 3/5 – 3/9

faint heart tour 2019

Kansas City, Missouri | St Louis, Missouri |Chicago, Illinois  | Columbus Ohio

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Interview w/ Jacqueline of Jacqueline City Apparel

Hello, I’m Jacqueline City, owner and creator of Jacqueline City Apparel. Jacqueline City Apparel is an online women’s boutique with unisex, plus sized and kids’ options. Our first unisex line “The Classic Collection” is currently live on our site. Our Spring women’s line “The Manic Pixie Collection” is live on Friday, March 1st on our site. The line is a feminine black, white and pink line which is inspired by “manic pixie dream girls.” Head to and sign up for emails to become a citizen of Jacqueline City!

  1. At what age did you develop an interest in the fashion world?

From a very early age, I’ve been interested in fashion. My mother and grandmother love to tell stories about me as an infant, before I could even talk or walk, picking out my own outfits. In stores I would feel fabrics and pull down clothes into my coach. This eventually led me to picking out all my own outfits, make shopping my number one hobby and even try creating my own clothes. I taught myself to sew at age 6 or 7 and starting making fake magazines filled with my designs. It has been a long journey filled with ups and downs that led to Jacqueline City Apparel.

       2. What inspired you to start this brand?

Since I’ve always had fashion in my veins, Jacqueline City Apparel was truly destined to happen. I’ve always dreamed of pursuing art is some way, but I’ve switched my focus a few times between painting, music, writing, and fashion. Art has always been my life, but now my focus is completely on the fashion world. I’m disabled and had to have my dreams take the back seat to my health for quite some time now; however, I’m finally able to start pursuing my passions. Jacqueline City Apparel is perfect for me because I can take my time and work from home, so I can pursue my dreams, while still focusing on my health.

      3. All of your apparel is 100% vegan, and includes no use of animal products. Why is that important to you?

As a vegan, making Jacqueline City Apparel a completely vegan brand was very important to me. I’m very much an animal lover, so I do not buy any animal products or by-products. My brand is for everyone, including vegans!

      4. While looking through the sizes, I saw sizing I don’t see often, everything from baby clothes to 5XL. Is there anything that specifically inspired you to be all inclusive?

Jacqueline City Apparel’s “Classic Collection” is a unisex collection with adult sizing up to a 5X as well as kids and baby options. The mission behind The Classic Collection is to be inclusive of everyone. I think too much pressure is put on women in fashion and the media to be a certain size, a certain skin tone, a certain height, and more. There’s a very specific ideal, unattainable beauty standard in the world today that’s truly absurd. Everyone should feel beautiful. Everyone should feel represented in the media. Everyone should be able to shop where they want to. Here at Jacqueline City Apparel, all are welcome to be citizens of Jacqueline City no matter your age, size, race or gender.

        5. While reading a bit about you I learned you are proud to be a disabled girl boss, can you share a bit about what it’s like living with your disability?

My disability is called dysautonomia, which means I can not regulate any of my autonomic systems and anything that should be automatically happening in my body. It’s affected everything from my thyroid and my temperature to my digestion and my blood pressure. It’s made my life incredibly difficult the past few years with major symptoms like nausea, dizziness, vision problems, brain fog, migraines and fainting. I was bedridden for some time. I have come a long way to be functioning the way I am now. I hid it for awhile, but now I’m proud to be disabled because of how far I’ve come on this road.

  1. What is your best advice to those with disabilities who also have big goals set like you do?

My biggest advice is to not feel ashamed or like any less of a person. I really struggled with my disability and shut a lot of people out because I did not know how to cope with it. I had to put myself and my health first for a long time; you need to know that’s okay. It’s okay to need time for yourself, and it’s okay to not be on the same schedule as a healthy person. You should not compare yourself to anyone else. I had to learn to accept help from others and I still struggle with not feeling like a burden. Your disability may make your dreams harder to achieve, but it does not make them impossible. You may have to find a new way to go about achieving your dream, but never give up the fight.

        7. What is your favorite piece you have released so far, and what are you most excited to release for the Manic Pixie Collection that drops March 1st?

My favorite design from The Classic Collection is the pop art design currently available on t-shirts and hoodies! I think the cartoon is adorable. I’m most excited to release the Not A Concept Painted Denim Jacket because they are hand painted by me. I glued the  jewels and faux pearls on to each one. I put a lot of thought and love into these jackets so I hope they’re well received. I hope everyone enjoys both lines!

      8. Where do you see your brand in a year from now?

I hope to expand Jacqueline City Apparel with many more collections over the next 12 months. I hope to have pop up shops and events as well as runway shows. I also hope to design more of the pieces by hand as well. Stay tuned to see how Jacqueline City Apparel grows!

       9. Do you plan on getting Jacqueline City apparel in stores? If so, what is your dream store to be sold in?

I do not have any plans to be in stores or own my own store at this time, but perhaps in the future.

       10. How can we best keep up with all future releases?

Signing up for emails at should keep you informed on all things Jacqueline City Apparel! We also have Facebook as well as Instagram . You can also stay in the know with my personals being Instagram and Twitter ! I love responding to everyone. I often re-post anyone wearing Jacqueline City Apparel!

  11. What do you have to say to your supporters?

I’m so thankful for the support I’ve received so far. I was bedridden just 3 years ago, so to be able to now own my own business is so amazing to me. I hope you continue supporting me, so I can expand Jacqueline City Apparel. Please stay tuned to what else the brand has in store!

Interview by Cristine Trimarco

All photos courtesy of Veronica Takes Photos (Veronica Zin) Instagram / Facebook

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What use to be Carolina Rebellion, has now been taken over by Epicenter Festival. It will be held at Rockingham Festival Grounds in Rockingham, NC from May 10th-12th, 2019.

As of last year, 2018, former Rebellion held a record of 105,000 people in attendance over the three day weekend. Also holding the title as “The Mid-Atlantic’s Biggest Rock Festival featuring over 60 artist”. With the past records, many are holding high expectations for the new up and coming festival, Epicenter.

Tickets for Epicenter Festival 2019 are on sale now at:

The 2019 Lineup will feature:

 Friday: Korn, Rob Zombie, The Prodigy, Evanescence, Machine Gun Kelly, Meshuggah, Skillet, Beartooth, Mark Lanegan Band, Dorothy, Black Pistol Fire, Zeal & Ardor, Knocked Loose, Slothrust, Wilson, Hands Like Houses, Hyro The Hero, Amigo The Devil, Ded, Arrested Youth, Vein, Black Coffee

Saturday: Tool, Judas Priest, The Cult, Bush, Black Label Society, Circa Survive, Yelawolf, Motionless In White,The Damned Things, Grandson, Badflower, Memphis May Fire, Light The Torch, Wage War,Crobot, Dead Girls Academy, Sylar, Counterfeit, Pretty Vicious, Shvpes, Dirty Honey, Alien Weaponry, Hyde, Tetrarch

Sunday: Foo Fighters, Bring Me The Horizon, 311, +Live+, Mastodon, Killswitch Engage, Architects, The Interrupters, Tom Morello, Fever 333, Reignwolf, Yungblud, The Glorious Sons, Ho99o9, While She Sleeps, Basement, Scarlxrd, Movements, Teenage Wrist, Demob Happy, Boston Manor, Cleopatrick,The Dirty Nil


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