Veil of Maya & Intervals w/ Strawberry Girls, I Have No Eyes, and The Auric Design | Spring U.S. Tour | 4/20/19

4/20/19 at The Palladium in Worcester, MA

The Auric Design

I Have No Eyes

Strawberry Girls


Veil of Maya

Veil of Maya | Intervals | Strawberry Girls | I Have No Eyes | The Auric Design

Photos by Linette Ray

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Whitechapel & Dying Fetus w/ Carnifex, Revocation, Spite, Fallujah, and Uncured | Chaos & Carnage Tour 2019 Photos + Review | 5/3/19 |

Whitechapel & Dying Fetus bring the Chaos and Carnage Through Anaheim

Date: 5/3/19

Venue: House of Blues Anaheim

The Chaos and Carnage tour was an amazing event, filled with a jam-packed lineup. As the 2nd year of the tour, the promoters got Whitechapel and Dying Fetus to co-headline, and lined up a stacked lineup to support them. Supporting acts included: Revocation, Spite, Fallujah, Uncured, and for 2 dates only, Carnifex, who headlined the tour in 2018. This was a crazy show from start to finish.

The first band up was Uncured, who are from New York, NY. The band categorizes themselves as progressive death metal, which I too think is a perfect term to call this band. They have elements of classic death metal, with some progressive metal influences, as well as some good djent. They opened the show by playing a 7-song set, most of which came from their newest album “Epidemic”, which was released in 2019 via Seek & Strike Records. This 4-piece band is so tight on stage, with co-lead vocals and guitars from brothers Rex and Zak Cox, slamming drums from Liam Manley, and bass grooves from Spencer Metela. They were such a good way to start out the show and definitely deserve some recognition for their amazing talent and ability to get the crowd going from start to finish.


  1. Resist the Infection
  2. Desecration
  3. Choke
  4. Myopic
  5. Sacrifice
  6. Terminal
  7. Blinded By Demise

The next band up was Fallujah, who are from San Francisco, CA. The band categorizes themselves as Atmospheric Metal, which is definitely fitting. While still retaining elements of death metal, deathcore, and those heavier genres, the band is very experimental with their sound. Their songs have so many layers to them, with elements of jazz, fusion, and space. I kept finding myself just looking up and watching them while shooting just in amazement. I saw them back in 2017 on the last date of a 60-day run they did with Carnifex, Despised Icon, and others, but they were no whereas tight and together then as they were this time around. They were on fire from the start of their set to the end. The band played a 7-song set, most of which came from their 2019 release “Undying Light”, which was released via Nuclear Blast Records. The band got a new vocalist since the last time I saw them, that being Antonio Palermo, who truly brought new life to the band. With Scott Carstairs on lead guitar, Nico Santora filling in on guitar for tour, Andrew Baird crushing it on drums, and Robert Morey slapping the bass, the band’s sound and stage presence was better than ever. I was blown away from start to finish during their set and cannot wait to see them next time they come out to California.


  1. Carved From Stone
  2. Hollow
  3. Ultraviolet
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Amber Gaze
  6. Last Light
  7. The Void Alone

The third band to come to the stage was Spite, hailing from Northern California. Spite had the crowd going insane as soon as the lights went down to start their set. With a sound emulating the heavier mixtures of metalcore, hardcore, and deathcore, Spite is and always has been a force to be reckoned with. The band played 7 songs, 2 of which came from Spite’s upcoming release, which is set to drop later this year via Stay Sick Recordings. This was my fourth time seeing these guys and they surely did not disappoint. Spite is on a roll, taking the genre over by storm. Spite’s lineup consists of Darius Tehrani on vocals, Alex Tehrani and Lucas Garrigues on guitars, Ben Bamford on bass, and Matt Guglielmo filling in on drums. The band is always super tight, wild, and crazy. I always know going into a Spite show that I’m going to have a crazy night ahead of me. They are one of those bands I always regularly see whenever they come out, and I will certainly continue that tradition.


  1. Waiting Hell (New Song)
  2. IED
  3. Drown Me
  4. Psychopath
  5. The Root of All Evil
  6. Despise
  7. Kill or Be Killed

The next band up was Revocation, coming from Boston, MA. The band is good ole fashioned Technical Death Metal with elements of both Melodic Death Metal and Black Metal. Members of Revocation consist of lead vocalist and guitarist David Davidson, guitarist and backup vocalist Dan Gargiulo, bassist and backup vocalist Brett Bamberger, and drummer Ash Pearson. The band played a 6-song set, 4 of which came from their 2018 release “The Outer Ones”, which was released via Metal Blade Records. The band had so much power and heavy energy radiating from them when they were on stage. I was blown away by this 4-piece band. They certainly blew away my expectations, and I hope to see them next time they’re in Southern California.


  1. That Which Consumes All Things
  2. Existence Is Futile
  3. Madness Opus
  4. Of Unworldly Origin
  5. Vanitas
  6. The Outer Ones

The next band up was the ever so talented Carnifex, from San Diego, CA. The band headlined 2018’s Chaos & Carnage Tour, and were a surprise add to the Anaheim and Phoenix dates of this year’s tour. This band defies categories, and has a sound that blends together Deathcore, Death Metal, Symphonic Death Metal, and Melodic Death Metal. The band consists of Scott Ian Lewis on vocals, Jordan Lockrey and Cory Arford on guitars, Shawn Cameron on drums, and Fred Cameron on bass. This was my fourth time seeing these guys and they surely did not disappoint. They performed a flawless set as the support act, consisting of 7-songs that displayed some of the band’s top songs. They had a beautiful stage set up, with two brightly lit pentagrams and a lot of strobes. They are always a blast to see, and I recommend you go check them out if you get the chance!


  1. Drown Me In Blood
  2. Slow Death
  3. Hatred and Slaughter
  4. Bury Me In Blasphemy
  5. Die Without Hope
  6. Lie To My Face
  7. Hell Chose Me

The first of the two co-headliners to come on stage was Dying Fetus, from Greater Upper Marlboro, Maryland. This was my third time seeing this amazing band and they did not disappoint. Dying Fetus’ sound is a mixture of Brutal Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, and Grindcore. I fell in love with their sound and the band in general when I watched them at Summer Slaughter Tour in 2017 when they co-headlined with The Black Dahlia Murder and saw them once again when they co-headlined with Thy Art Is Murder in 2018. But boy did they slay this time around. The band consists of co-vocalist and guitarist John Gallagher, co-vocalist and bassist Sean Beasley, and drummer Trey Williams. The band is doing a lot on stage, and as a 3-piece, they absolutely blow me away. They band played an 11-song set, which consisted of songs from 5 of their 8 albums. The band has been around since 2001 and has created a very large dedicated fan base. I love Dying Fetus and cannot wait to see them again!


  1. In The Trenches
  2. Fixated on Devastation
  3. One Shot, One Kill
  4. Grotesque Impalement
  5. From Womb to Waste
  6. Panic Amongst The Herd
  7. Destroy the Opposition
  8. Eviscerated Offspring
  9. Seething With Disdain
  10. Subjected to a Beating
  11. Wrong One To Fuck With

The final band up was the one and only Whitechapel, hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee. This band has been one of my favorite bands in the genre for quite some time. They have impeccable stage presence and a sound that mixes deathcore, death metal, and groove metal perfectly. The band consists of vocalist Phil Bozeman, Ben Savage, Alex Wade, and Zach Householder on guitars, Gabe Crisp on bass, and Alex Rudinger as their live drummer. One of my friends, Navene Koperweis, actually recorded drums for the band’s newest record “The Valley”, which was released in 2019 via Metal Blade Records. For their set, the band prepared a 14-song set, with 4 songs coming from “The Valley”, 4 songs from 2016’s “Mark of the Blade”, 3 songs from 2012’s “Our Endless War”, and 3 songs from 2012’s self-titled album “Whitechapel.” The band was on fire from start to finish, with crowdsurfers and moshers going wild. The band opened with the leading single off The Valley titled “When A Demon Defiles A Witch”, which showed the band’s growth in terms of song writing. I was blown away by Whitechapel’s set, and also blown away that Phil Bozeman reposted one of my photos to his’ instagram. I will definitely be seeing them the next time they come out to Southern California, and you should all go check them out as well!


  1. When A Demon Defiles A Witch\
  2. Forgiveness Is Weakness
  3. Brimstone
  4. Black Bear
  5. The Void
  6. Mark of the Blade
  7. Elitist Ones
  8. Make It Bleed
  9. I, Dementia
  10. Hate Creation
  11. Brotherhood
  12. Let Me Burn
  13. Our Endless War


  1. The Saw Is The Law

The Chaos & Carnage Tour was flawless from start to finish. I cannot wait to see all of these bands again. I recommend you all go check them out and give them some love! These are all bands that have impacted the genre as a whole in such a positive way and radiated nothing but positive energy.

Whitechapel | Dying Fetus | Carnifex | Revocation | Spite | Fallujah | Uncured

Photos and Review courtesy of Jamie Kaufman | Instagram

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Knocked Loose w/ The Acacia Strain, Harm’s Way, Higher Power, and Sanction | Spring U.S. Tour | 4/30/19 |

Knocked Loose 2-Steps Their Way Through The Majestic Ventura Theater

Date: 4/30/19

Venue: The Majestic Ventura Theater

Knocked Loose has accumulated quite the large and dedicated fan base in the Metalcore and Hardcore communities over the last several years. With only 1 EP, 1 Split EP, and 1 Album under their belts, the band set out on their first US Headlining tour, with supporting acts The Acacia Strain, Harm’s Way, Higher Power, and Sanction. This tour was a blast, filled with a variety of genres from metalcore, deathcore, hardcore, beatdown, and nu-metal.

The first band up was Sanction from Long Island, NY. Sanction is a good ole fashioned Metalcore and Hardcore mashup. Vocalist David Blom truly brings the energy to the bands’ performances. The band played 9 songs, 5 of which came from their 2018 EP “The Infringement of God’s Plan” that was released via Pure Noise Records. The band also debuted 2 brand new songs, which are most likely from an upcoming release. The band put on a solid performance. Was a good way to start the show.


  1. Introduction
  2. (New song)
  3. The Prophet Who Saw Fire
  4. Untitled
  5. (New song)
  6. The Infringement of God’s Plan
  7. Fixated Upon A Figure
  8. Iris (Lens of Depression)
  9. Sixhundredthirtyone

The next band up was Higher Power from Leeds, West Yorkshire in England. The band was very energetic from the start. They were a standout in terms of sound, with a mixture of Metalcore, Hardcore, and Nu-Metal. I was truly living for the band from the start of their set to the end. The band played an 8-song set, 7 of which came from their 2017 record “Soul Structure”, via Flatspot Records. I definitely recommend checking out Higher Power. They pack in a whole lot of energy both on record and live!


  1. World Gone Mad
  2. Can’t Relate
  3. Reflect (Intro Only)
  4. Looking Inward
  5. Balance
  6. Hole
  7. You Ain’t Much
  8. Burning

The third band up was Harm’s Way from Chicago, Illinois. This was a band I was VERY excited to see. I’ve been listening to them for almost 2 years now, but I had never seen this five-piece band live until this show. The band is good ole Hardcore and Beatdown. They have such an intense stage presence, which was truly amazing to witness. The band played an 8-song set, 5 of which came from their 2018 album “Posthuman”, which was released via Metal Blade Records, which happens to be one of my favorite record labels of all time. I had high expectations when seeing Harm’s Way live and they somehow blew those out of the water. I definitely recommend seeing them live.


  1. Temptation
  2. Human Carrying Capacity
  3. Last Man
  4. (Unknown)
  5. Infestation
  6. Call My Name
  7. Breeding Grounds
  8. Become A Machine

The biggest supporting act, The Acacia Strain, was up next. The band, hailing from Chicopee, Massachustts. The Acacia Strain was the most diverse and polished band on the lineup, with a musical style that mashes up Metalcore, Death Core, and Melodic Death Metal. Throughout the band’s career, they have released 8 Albums, 2 EPs, 1 Split EP, and a live DVD. The band played a 10-song set, which showcased 3 songs from 2004’s “3750”, 2 songs from 2006’s “The Dead Walk”, 2 songs from 2008’s “Continent”, 2010’s “Wormwood”, and 2012’s “Death Is The Only Mortal”. With such a widespread setlist, the band showcased all they have to offer, and slayed that stage from start to finish. If you want a diverse set, and to get soaked from vocalist Vincent Bennett splashing water on the crowd, then you need to check out The Acacia Strain live in a city near you.


  1. Whoa! Shut It Down
  2. 4×4
  3. Seaward
  4. Doom
  5. Carbomb
  6. Brown Noise
  7. 3750
  8. Beast
  9. Dust and the Helix
  10. The Hills Have Eyes

The final band up was the all mighty Knocked Loose from Oldham County, Kentucky. The band put on a wild set, which consisted of 14 songs, 9 of which coming from their debut album “Laughing Tracks”, which was released in 2016 via Pure Noise Records. The instrumentals were clean and slamming, with vocalist Bryan Garris driving their whole performance through with a lot of energy. Garris has one of the highest vocal tones in the scene, which is contrasted by guitarist and backup vocalist Isaac Hale’s lows and mids. The band had the crowd going wild, and while the crowd did do some hardcore dancing and crowdkilling, the band called for circle pits, walls of death, and other moshing types that are typical of the metalcore and metal genre as a whole. Stand out songs in their set for me were “No Thanks”, “Billy No Mates”, and “Mistakes Like Fractures”. I thoroughly enjoyed Knocked Loose’s set and will definitely be checking them out next time they come out to Southern California.


  1. By The Grave
  2. All My Friends
  3. Oblivion’s Peak
  4. Damned Earth
  5. Deadringer
  6. Blood Will Have Blood
  7. The Gospel
  8. Mistakes Like Fractures
  9. No Thanks
  10. A Fetish
  11. The Rain
  12. Last Words
  13. Billy No Mates
  14. Counting Worms

All in all, the Spring US Tour was a blast to attend and each of the bands offered something to this spectacle of a night. I cannot wait to see each of them again! Check them all out and give them some love!

Knocked Loose | The Acacia Strain | Harm’s Way | Higher Power | Sanction

Photos and Review courtesy of Jamie Kaufman | Instagram

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Architects w/ Thy Art Is Murder and While She Sleeps | Holy Hell Tour Photos + Review |4/26/19

Architects Bring Holly Hell Through Anaheim

Date: 4/26/19

Venue: House of Blues Anaheim

          Architects have been a band in my regular rotation of music since I got into them in 2012 when I found a song of theirs on Rock Band 3 as DLC. With the release of their 8th Studio Album “Holy Hell”, which was released in 2018 via Epitaph Records, the band truly brought a ton of emotion that covered topics such as depression, loss, and death. With the U.S. leg of the tour, they brought along Thy Art Is Murder and While She Sleeps, who are two amazing bands that helped Architects sell this date of the tour out two months prior to the show. Knowing all of that, I knew this would be one hell of a night.

The first band up was While She Sleeps, coming to us from Sheffield, England, in the UK. I had seen While She Sleeps once before when they opened up for Arch Enemy and Trivium in 2017, but they were even better this time around than the last. The band performed a 6-song set, half coming from their newest album “So What?”, which was released in March of 2019 via Spinefarm Records, and the other half coming from their 2017 album “You Are We”, which was released via SharpTone Records. The band had the crowd going nuts from the start of their set to the end, with a plethora of moshing and crowdsurfing. A standout song in the set for me was the title track “You Are We” as the song is a great starter for their sets and has so many layers to it. It has remained my favorite song of theirs to this date, and I am so happy they still open with it. If you are going to a later date of the Holy Hell tour, make sure to get there early for While She Sleeps, as their set is flawless and amazing to watch.


  1. You Are We
  2. Anti-Social
  3. Guilty
  4. Haunt Me
  5. Silence Speaks
  6. Hurricane

The biggest supporting act came next, that being Thy Art Is Murder, hailing from Sydney, Australia. This was my second time seeing this five-piece deathcore band, and I was certainly blown away yet again by their set. The last time I saw them, they did a co-headliner with Dying Fetus at The Glass House, where they blew the roof off the place. Ironically, both times seeing them, they played a 10-song set, but this time around, they premiered a new song. We had the luxury of being the first date of the tour, so we were the very first crowd for them to debut the new single “Human Target”, which is the title track from their upcoming 2019 release coming on July 26th via Nuclear Blast Records. The rest of their set consisted of 4 songs from their 2017 release “Dear Desolation”, 3 from their 2015 release “Holy War”, and 2 from their 2013 release “Hate”, which were all released via Nuclear Blast Records. The band musically thoroughly impressed me; however, they were quite stiff on stage and no one really moved except for vocalist CJ McMahon. But I will say their sound is better and tighter than ever with the addition of new drummer Jesse Beahler. Definitely be prepared for a lot of moshing and crowdsurfing during a Thy Art Is Murder set.


  1. Dear Desolation
  2. The Purest Strain of Hate
  3. Holy War
  4. Slaves Beyond Death
  5. Reign of Darkness
  6. Fur and Claw
  7. Coffin Dragger
  8. The Son of Misery
  9. Puppet Master
  10. Human Target

The final band up for the evening was the ever so talented Architects, coming from Brighton, England in the UK. This band played with all of my heart strings during the 16-song set. They played 7 songs from Holy Hell, along with 6 songs from their 2016 release “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us”, 2 songs from their 2014 release “Lost Forever // Lost Together”, and 1 song from their 2012 release “Daybreaker”, all of which were released via Epitaph Records. During the show, the band had one of the most incredible light shows I’ve ever seen, which was accompanied by a backdrop of a moon behind them, which was absolutely gorgeous to see. They started the set off with “Death Is Not Defeat”, which is one of my favorites off the new record and plays with my heart strings. The crowd went nuts from the start, with endless amounts of crowdsurfers coming over the barrier. Vocalist Sam Carter took time during the set to talk about mental illness and speaking about his taking antidepressants. He opened up about how much they have helped his’ mental state improve tremendously and how important it is for people to get proper help for their mental disorders. After coming out for the encore, Sam opened up about the death of Tom Searle, one of the founding guitarists who died in 2016 due to cancer. The album is in a sense about the grieving process. They then played Doomsday, which caused me to cry like a baby. Architects is truly a masterclass act in the metalcore scene, with a dynamic sound many bands strive for.


  1. Death Is Not Defeat
  2. Modern Misery
  3. Nihilist
  4. Deathwish
  5. Phantom Fear
  6. Holy Hell
  7. Royal Beggars
  8. Gravedigger
  9. Mortal After All
  10. Downfall
  11. Naysayer
  12. These Colours Don’t Run
  13. A Match Made in Heaven
  14. Hereafter


  1. Gone With The Wind
  2. Doomsday

All in all, the Holy Hell tour was a dream come true for me, and was a spectacle of an evening. Architects, Thy Art Is Murder, and While She Sleeps all put on truly amazing sets. I definitely recommend seeing these bands, if you get the chance!

Architects | Thy Art Is Murder | While She Sleeps

Photos and Review courtesy of Jamie Kaufman | Instagram

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Dance Gavin Dance w/ Don Broco and Hail The Sun | Artificial Selection Tour Photos | 4/14/19 |Worcester, MA

Hail The Sun