Anchors & Atlases – Self Titled EP

Anchors & Atlases - Self Titled EP

Anchors & Atlases is a pop punk/alternative band from Western Massachusetts. The band takes much influence in their pop punk/alternative style from other artists such as All Time Low, Mayday Parade, and The Maine. Recently Anchors & Atlases released a 6 track EP. The EP starts off with a beautiful instrumental track, followed by an upbeat love song. Track 3 “Of All Gin Joints” starts off slowly and the instruments flow evenly through the song. Track 4 “Across State Lines” is perfect for anyone dealing with the struggle of being in a long distance relationship, wether it be a significant other or a family member. As we all know music pushes us all through the hard times. Track 5 “Puzzle Piece(Perfect Fit)” has great harmonies mixed with the perfect instrumentals. Lastly Track 6 “North Star” is a more stripped down acoustic song, as most of our readers know I’m a sucker for a good acoustic jam, so this song is my favorite off of the EP.

Check them out on facebook here :

Pick up their self titled EP on itunes here :

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