REVIEW| Adequate Fur- The World is Waking Up

When Teagan first emailed me about this music video release, the semester was  reaching mid-point and I was apartment hunting. Now that the dust from that storm has settled, I am able to give this outlet, my featured artists, my team, and myself the right  amount of time that is needed. Self care is important.

Though this review is a bit delayed, I am glad I waited until now to listen to to this song again.

With everything I just went through, at the fault of a loved one, this song resonates with me, and sparks even more motivation within me. A lyric, “unnecessary evil moves quietly” is defined by me as if someone goes out of their way to try to sabotage someone else’s plan that it IS unnecessary and evil. The song continues onward with the message of how much power a person can have, and teaches you to never underestimate anyone.

Well, Adequate Fur, the world sure is waking up all around me, and I love it too.

Review courtesy of Cristine Trimarco.

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Review: Attic by The Fem Doms


I’ve never wanted to go out and shout out a band’s name more than I have with this one. On December 31st of 2016, rock band The Fem Doms released Attic, a three song EP that has enough meat in it to make you feel like you’re listening to a full album. I found myself head banging to each and every tune, and feeling the energy in the vocals.
Each song is unique to it’s own. The first song, “Monolith” is very eerie feeling from the get go, beginning with just the drums. The second track “Dysania” is very much conveys the feeling of the titles meaning, finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning. The guitar and drums just flow together on this one. The concluding track “Dropped” has a slightly happier tone to me than the other tracks, and I found it extremely catchy. I found myself humming this as I got some errands done. The guitar work on this one also blew me away . Overall, I’ll definitely be looking forward to the day they come out to California. You can buy Attic on their bandcamp or stream it for free on their soundcloud.

Review by Samantha Bass

Yellowcard – The Final World Tour 2016

Yellowcard | November 9th, 2016 | Play Station Theater

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  Photos by :Cristine Trimarco

Royal Teeth | New York City

   The Stories For Monday Tour | New York City

Gramercy Theatre | 5/26/16

Photos by : C. Trimarco

The All Grown Up Tour starts on 9/23 | Who’s going to a show ?


The All Grown Up Tour w/

Talk To You Never | Flight Plan

We’d like to wish our pals safe travels, fun & successful shows.

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Ancient History – Set It Off

If you haven’t seen Set It Off’s newest music video yet, you NEED to watch it above. The song is a bit different

as opposed to their usual sound but still just as good.  The concept of the music video is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.

Be sure to catch them on their last leg of tour, dates listed below




Two new New York bands to keep your eyes on :

The Riot Van & Until We Get Caught

December 5th, 2014 | The Hashtag Bar ( formerly The Cup)

Photography by Christine Trimarco

Cimorelli @ Digifest NYC

Pictured above is Cimorelli, six sisters who’s fame is on the rise thanks in large part to their ability to harmonize well, sing well, and make great quality videos.  They performed at Digifest in New York City ( 6/7/14) which was hosted at Citi Field.  You can catch Cimorelli on youtube, facebook & twitter. They have a series called ” Summer with Cimorelli” up on youtube as well all episodes are live now.

Photos by Christine Trimarco


Meet JennxPenn at a show near you !

Meet JennxPenn at a show near you !

Lightning In A Bottle – The Summer Set

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