REVIEW – Movements USA Tour 2019

         Movements is a band I’ve been a fan of for quite some time. I’ve been following the band since their signing to Fearless Records and the release of their debut EP, “Outgrown Things,” back in 2016. I saw them live for the first time at Vans Warped Tour the following summer, and was really looking forward to seeing them again on this tour, as well as the other incredible bands that supported them.

          Kicking off the night was New York based hardcore punk band Drug Church. The five-piece instantly brought a ton of energy, and kept that energy going throughout their entire half-hour set. Their music has quite a bit of aggression as well, and this was easily the heaviest band of the night. The band primarily performed songs off of their new album “Cheer,” including singles “Weed Pin,” “Avoidarama” and “Strong References,” and they even fit in a couple of old favorites as well: “Drunk Tank,” “Banco Popular” and “But Does It Work?.” Every member of the band was constantly moving around the stage the entire time, and their set got the crowd moving as well.

        Second on the bill were Trash Boat, a pop punk band from the UK. Their music leans towards the heavier side of pop punk, and it shows even more through their live performance. Similarly to Drug Church, Trash Boat also brought a little bit of aggression and plenty of energy throughout their set, filling the setlist with a lot of their faster paced songs, such as “Strangers,” “How Selfish I Seem,” and “Tring Quarry” from their debut LP “Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through” and “Inside Out,” “Nothing New,” and a few others from their sophomore effort “Crown Shyness.” As well as aggression, this band puts a lot of passion into their performance, and it truly showed through the performances from every member during every song.

         Next up was another band from the UK, Boston Manor. This is a band whose sound has evolved over the years, and their set really showed that evolution, as they played songs such as “Laika,” “Burn You Up,” and “Lead Feet” from their more pop punk leaning debut record “Be Nothing,” as well as several songs from their more experimental second album “Welcome To The Neighbourhood,” including “Flowers In Your Dustbin,” “Halo,” and “England’s Dreaming.” This band has an incredible stage presence and did a really good job of engaging the crowd, with plenty of moshing and crowdsurfing going on throughout the set.

      Closing out the night was California based band Movements, a band whose popularity has grown tremendously in the past couple of years. The band’s music combines various influences from pop punk, emo and alternative rock, and their unique sound really makes them stand out. One notable thing about their performance is that they put so much emotion into every single song, from their more upbeat ones such as “Kept,” “Full Circle,” and set opener “The Grey,” all of which had the crowd moving, while slower ones like “Submerge” and fan favorite “Daylily” had every person in the room singing along. Each band on the bill was a little bit different, and from the variety and diversity found on the lineup to all the energy, passion and emotion that each band provided in their individual sets, it was a great show overall.

Photos & Review by Megan Langley | Facebook | Twitter

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Interview with King Soloman


 What made you get into music, and what are your inspirations?

I always had a niche for music. When I was younger I started playing the guitar and then later switched to the drums. I started taking private lessons and went to Edward R. Murrow high school for music. Every now and then professional musicians would come in to give a demonstration and I would be very inspired by their talent. It made me want to learn more about music and it drove me to practice more. Growing up in Brooklyn, I was inspired by Jay-Z and Biggie, but truth is watching Joey Badass, Powers Pleasant, and other Murrow heads make it, really caught my attention. Watching them really taught me a lot of lessons.

Do you have any new music coming out or working on anything new?

Just last week I dropped a new single called, “I Need That.” You can follow updates on my Instagram @Kingsoloman_ . I also have more songs that I’m working on for the album dropping this June. Everyone will have to wait for that. I’m sure the new song will get people hype.

 What do you do if you find yourself in a musical rut?

Usually I try my best to avoid it but sometimes its inevitable. If it happens I just relax, take some time to myself. I revisit whatever song I’m working on and try to continue the vibe. If it flows smoothly then I know I’m out of it.  If I still cant write lyrics, rap, or just focus on the music in general then I wont even try to record that day. You want everything to make to be with good energy so if the vibe isn’t right then it isn’t my night.

What is your ultimate goal?

I want to get better as an artist and grow everyday. Im always working and practicing my technique so my goals constantly change. I have a lot of goals so its hard to focus on one. I guess you can say my goal is to get signed by a major label within 3 years after my debut album which will be coming up this June.

Who do you consider the pioneers of your genre?

DJ Cool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Hands down Biggie & 2-Pac. Tribe Called Quest. NWA. I mean the list goes on because rap and hip hop is always changing.

How do you feel about music pirating/ fille sharing?

Its just a big mess. I understand why people do it. Its free. But people don’t realize how much work actually goes into a song, album, or music video. They don’t realize the hours put in to producing, mixing, and editing. For creators we want recognition and credibility along with an income from our investment which is the music. I don’t like it. People deserved to get paid for their work.

What is the music scene like for you in South FL?

Everybody is trying to be a rapper. I feel like its very common in Miami. A lot of artists are making it by doing shows in Wynwood and south beach. For up and coming artists, Wynwood is great. Every weekend there is an opportunity to do a show and get recognition.  Its very different from what I’m used to because in NYC everyone is hyped up and energetic in the club. Miami is mostly has a laidback and chill vibe but if you know your spots you will get a good crowd. Events happen every weekend so If you are really determined to make it as an artist you can get your music out there.

 If you could dine with any muscian in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? Tough question, I know, but you have to choose one!!!

Honestly it has to be my boy Heavenly Thoughts. He is a local rapper in Hollywood Florida and my dude can keep up a conversation for days. I know I will entertained and he will probably pay for dinner so I’m good. You need to check out his music on SoundCloud. Heavenly Thoughts is his name.

What’s one music memory you’ll never forget?

That’s tough. I would have to say when I recorded Brighter Side. It was like a Tuesday and I was visiting new York. At the time I didn’t plan on rapping or releasing any music. I was just playing basketball with my friends Tariq & Paulie then afterwards we went back to Tariqs house to make some beats and then he showed me brighter side. I looked a paulie and I was like we making a song right now. Mind you that paulie never recorded before. Everything came together and that was the moment that started the pursuit of making an Album.

What do you love most about music?

The fact that it brings people together. No matter what background you come from, music will introduce you to people you would never meet through your daily interactions. I know from personal experience. I remember one time when I traveled to London I met someone from France who loved Biggie, and I was in shock that he knew so much about the music. He might have even been a bigger fan of Biggie then me. It was a crazy experience. We grew up in 2 different countries. Just from talking about music we instantly become cool with one another and its hard to get that interaction from most people. Shout out my boy Fred.

Listen to King Soloman on Soundcloud

Interview by Ashley Grace

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Strung Out, The Dwarves, and The Dendrites jam out at Sabroso Craft Beer, Taco, and Music Festival 2019

Strung Out

 The Dwarves

The Dendrites


Photos courtesy of Laura Lateralus | Instagram

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Machineheart | Back Again Tour 2019

Machineheart |Photos courtesy of Jamie Kaufman

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REVIEW – You Me At Six | Back Again Tour 2019

After 3 years, You Me At Six returned to the United States for the Back Again tour, named after a song from their newest album “VI”. They brought the fire to The Glass House, bringing with them Dreamers and Machineheart. With a lineup mixing together indie rock, pop rock, pop punk, and post-hardcore, this tour was an amazing event to cover.

The first band up was Machineheart, who are local to Southern California with their hometown specifically in Los Angeles, CA. The band started with very dim lighting that matched their atmospheric sound to a t. The band played a 6-song set, all of which came from their 2019 album “People Change”, which was released via Nettwerk Records. The band consists of vocalist Stevie Scott, guitarist Carman Kubanda, drummer Harrison Webster, and bassist Jake Xavier. The band’s sound is a mixture of indie rock, pop rock, and atmospheric rock. The band absolutely slayed their set and I cannot wait to see them again!


  1. Overgrown
  2. Do You Love
  3. Chained
  4. Peace of Mind
  5. Who Said
  6. Altar

The second band up was Dreamers, who are also local to Southern California out of Los Angeles, CA. The band’s sound out of the gate was very pop rock, mixed with space rock, and a bit of pop punk. With their name behind them in neon lights, the three-piece slayed that stage from the start of their set to the end. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Nick Wold, bassist and backup vocalist Marc Nelson, and drummer and backup vocalist Jacob Wick. The band played a 7-song set, 4 of which being brand new songs from their new album that is to be announced. The band absolutely slayed their set and I hope to catch their set again sometime soon!


  2. Shawarma
  3. All Washed Out
  4. Die Happy
  5. Wolves
  6. Painkiller
  7. Blargh

The final band up was the one and only You Me At Six. This show was so special to me. I had been listening to the band since 2012, when I found their song “Bite My Tongue” on the Forza Horizon racing game. Until this show though, I still had never seen them live. Since this was their first U.S. tour in 3 years, they prepared a lengthy setlist, which consisted of a whopping 18-songs, which came from 5 of their 6 albums. 6 of the songs in particular came from their 2018 album “VI”, which was released via Underdog Records and AWAL Records. The band consists of vocalist Josh Franceschi, rhythm guitarist Max Helyer, lead guitarist Chris Miller, bassist Matt Barnes, and drummer Dan Flint. With such a widespread setlist, the band showed off their large repertoire and sound that mixes together pop rock, pop punk, post-hardcore, indie rock, and alternative rock. The band completely blew my mind in terms of energy and sound. I was so stoked to finally see them after listening to them for so many years.

The show was amazing and covered a mixture of genres. I found some new bands to listen to in Machineheart and Dreamers, and finally got to experience a live set from You Me At Six. Was a pleasure to cover this date.


  1. Fast Forward
  2. Lived A Lie
  3. Reckless
  4. Loverboy
  5. Back Again
  6. Night People
  7. Fresh Start Fever
  8. Cold Night
  9. Predictable
  10. Give
  11. 3 AM
  12. Take On The World
  13. IOU
  14. Bite My Tongue


  1. Room To Breathe
  2. No One Does It Better
  3. Straight To My Head
  4. Underdog

Review & photos courtesy of Jamie Kaufman

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Aenimus – Dreamcatcher Tour 2019 w/ Interloper

Photos courtesy of Jamie Kaufman

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Between the Buried and Me brings the Automata II Tour to Pomona, CA

Between the Buried and Me have received critical acclaim for their 2018 releases Automata I and Automata II, a two-part album which was released separately with Automata I in March and Automata II in July. With both parts being over 30 minutes in length, the album is slightly over an hour long. This tour excited me, as I hadn’t been BTBAM since they headlined Summer Slaughter Tour last summer, and I was stoked to finally see TesseracT and Astronoid alongside them.

The first band up was Astronoid from Lowell, Massachusetts. Their set was very atmospheric, with low lighting that fit the songs perfectly. They played 6-songs in total, 2 from their 2016 release “Air” and 4 from their 2019 self-titled release “Astronoid”, which were both released via Blood Music. Their set was filled with energy. The foursome consists of vocalist and guitarist Brett Boland, guitarist Casey Aylward, bassist Daniel Schwarts, and drummer Matt St. Jean. The band was totally in sync, with a style of post-metal and progressive metal that fit the tour perfectly. Seeing them was an excellent way to kick off the show, and I cannot wait to see them again.


  1. A New Color
  2. Up and Atom
  3. Fault
  4. Breathe
  5. Incandescent
  6. I Dream In Lines

The next band up was none other than the all mighty TesseracT, coming all the way from Milton Keynes, England, UK. I had been listening to TesseracT for a couple of years now, and even so, they blew my mind with their stage presence and live sound. The band’s sound is a blending of progressive metal and djent and is truly top notch live. The band played an 8-song set as the direct support act, 3 of which came from their newest release “Sonder”, 2 from their 2015 release “Polaris”, 2 from their 2011 album “One”, and 1 from their 2013 release “Altered State”. The band was signed to Century Media previously, where they released One and Altered State, but then signed to KScope Records where they released Polaris and Sonder. The band consists of five members: Vocalist Daniel Tompkins, Alec “Acle” Kahney, Jay Postones, James “Metal” Monteith, and Amos Williams. Together, they put on a set that was truly amazing from start to finish, and I will certainly be seeing them again next time they come to the states.


  1. Luminary
  2. Of Mind – Nocturne
  3. Concealing Fate, Part 2: Deception
  4. Concealing Fate, Part 3: The Impossible
  5. Survival
  6. Dystopia
  7. King
  8. Juno

The final band up was the triumphant Between the Buried and Me, coming to The Glass House from Raleigh, North Carolina. The band opened their set with the first song on Automata II titled “The Proverbial Bellow”, which is a whopping 13 minutes long. The band played a 10-song set, which consisted of 2 songs from 2018’s “Automata I”, 2 songs from 2018’s “Automata II”, 2 songs from 2015’s “Coma Ecliptic”, 2 from 2012’s “The Parallax II: Future Sequence”, 1 from 2011’s “The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues”, and 1 from 2009’s “The Great Misdirect”. The band started their career in 2000, releasing their self-titled album in 2002 via Lifeforce Records. Then they signed a record deal with Victory Records, where they released 4 albums from 2003-2009, one of which being The Great Misdirect. The band then signed to Metal Blade Records, where they released 2 albums and 1 EP from 2011 – 2015. After the touring cycle for Coma Ecliptic was over, the band then signed to Sumerian Records, where they released the critically acclaimed Automata I and Automata II. During the band’s set, they showcased just how much they have to offer to the scene, and why they are the metal giants of progressive metal mixed with technical death metal. They played 9 songs as a part of the regular set, and then came on to play their song “Condemned to the Gallows” from Automata I, which was nominated for a Grammy in 2018 for “Best Live Metal”. The 5-piece band consists of vocalist and keyboard player Tommy Giles, guitarist Paul Waggoner, guitarist Dustie Waring, bassist and additional keyboard player Dan Briggs, and drummer Blake Richardson. Together, they put on one of the tightest sets I’ve seen from a band of this genre.

The Automata II tour was a spectacle, with Astronoid kicking things off on such a high point, then TesseracT blowing the roof of the venue, and Between the Buried and Me completely demolishing it with an hour and a half long set. I am so glad I was able to attend.


  1. The Proverbial Bellow
  2. Fossil Genera – A Feed from Cloud Mountain
  3. House Organ
  4. Specular Reflection (2nd half only)
  5. The Black Box
  6. Telos
  7. Option Oblivion
  8. Life In Velvet
  9. Voice of Trespass


  1. Condemned to the Gallows

Review courtesy of Jamie Kaufman

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