Interview with Times Like These

Times Like These is a 4-piece pop rock band from Long Island, New York, consisting of vocalist Mike Acampora, bassist Zach Dyer, guitarist Eddie Giuffo, and drummer Cody Omage, have toured throughout the East coast, finding new fans everywhere they go with their energetic and intimate live performances.


What was is like working with Hope ( Vista), while covering Panic ! At The Disco ?Hope is amazing! She’s super talented and her band is phenomenal! Working with her was amazing and we would love to work with her again.  You can view the cover here.

You worked with Rian Dawson ( All Time Low ) on your song, “Take me Home “.  How did that go ? We clicked with Rian and his assistant Dan right off the bat. It was such a smooth process and it honestly couldn’t have went any better. We can wait to work with them again.

Where did the band name come from ? Did you have any others chosen first ?
Times Like These actually comes from a lyric in the old All Time Low song “Noel”. We had a few other names in mind but we didn’t like any of them as much as we liked TLT. Two that stick out to me are Sound The Alarm and Easy Target.
What was the very first show you played, who was it with, and how did it go ? The very first show we ever played was in our friends backyard and it went pretty well for our first show. Our friends in Break Down The Walls and Suburban Zombie also played. Everyone killed it that night.

Out of all of your releases, which is your favorite song, and why?
My favorite song we’ve ever put out at the moment is Take Me Home. Writing it came so natural and it’s so much fun to play live!

Times Like These | Interview questions by Madison Boyce

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“Good Times” by All Time Low | Music Video Review


As a bisexual Jewish girl I know what it means to be a minority. It is unbelievably hard to be looked down on by others including our own president. It’s disgusting that people see people who are “different” as a problem. What is even worse is that our own president sees it as a problem. It is important that people who are considered “different” stick together and fight against all the hate that is in this world. No one should ever feel like being different is a problem. Love is love whether it is between a man and a woman, a woman and woman, a black man and a white woman or anything in between. We shouldn’t be discriminating anymore and it is sad to see we as a nation are not past that.

That all being said, when my favorite band of all times, All Time Low released their newest video for “Good Times” I was completely in shock in the best way. The music video brought light to all these issues that are so important right now. They hit racism, homophobic behavior and so much more all in one video. To say I didn’t tear up by it would be a lie. For someone like me the importance of this video is even stronger considering my background. Unfortunately, we live in this world filled with hate. Luckily, I know I always have music to turn to when I need to ease the pain of watching hate take over love. With that being said, I still never expected to see such a powerful music video from a band that has made such an impact on my life. I can’t turn on the news without seeing one story after the next with the most upsetting headlines. It is important now more than ever that bands reach out to the next generation of leaders and teach them what is important in this world. The current fan base of All Time Low consists of a lot of those future leaders, so a music video like the one they just released is exactly what we need to shape our future generation, and help rid the world of the hate. Thank you so much All Time Low for the extremely impactful video. There is no other rating to give this video other than 10 out of 10.


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Future Hearts Tour | May 2nd 2015

Future Hearts Tour || May 2nd 2015 || City National Grove of Anaheim || Anaheim CA

State Champs | Tonight Alive | All Time Low

Photography by Izzy Corcoran

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A Concert for Casey at the Baltimore Soundstage ft All Time Low


Hey y’all!

This past Saturday I had the privilege to go to All Time Low’s hometown acoustic charity show, An Evening with All Time Low: A Concert for Casey at the Baltimore Soundstage. It was my first time at the venue, and I have to say I loved it. Think classy grunge: cement floors, a bar running along the side wall and chandeliers that looked totally out of place. Three local alt bands opened for All Time Low ; 3 PM, Cinder Wall and Like You to Me. Fun fact: the lead singer of Cinder Wall is Alex Gaskarth’s girlfriend’s brother.

All Time Low opened with Backseat Serenade, leading into Damned If I Do Ya, Do It For Baltimore, Somewhere in Neverland and Time Bomb. The crowd was pretty intense for an acoustic show! Everyone was pushing and shoving to the front, but luckily there was no crowd surfing to worry about.

The four piece pop punk band went on to play some of its slower songs off their earlier albums, Running From Lions, Lullabies, Jasey Rae, Remembering Sunday and Therapy. I don’t think I have ever seen as many emotional breakdowns at a concert as I did that night. Eventually, Casey’s father, Paul Leavitt, came on stage with the band to perform Jimmy Eat World’s Hear You Me in honor of his son. All Time Low also played The Reckless and The Brave, Weightless, and closed their show as they normally do, with Dear Maria, Count Me In, although this time it was an acoustic rendition. The show went smoothly as usual, and the guy who really likes Circles made himself known that night, unfortunately way too many times.

Overall, it was a great show for a great cause. The band raised $18,000 for the Center for Infant and Child Loss.

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A Love Like Tour : All Time Low

House of Blues Anaheim California // 4/13/14

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Set It Off Interview : Vans Warped Tour 2013

In honor of Set It Off starting tour with We Are The In Crowd on February 21st 2014 through March and the beginning of April we decided to share our never before seen interview with the guys from Vans Warped Tour back in July. Enjoy and please subscribe, Ticket Links below.

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