We Came As Romans ft The Devil Wears Prada, Dayseeker, and Hollow Front | To Plant A Seed 10 Year Anniversary Tour | 10/20/21 | Photos + Review

We Came As Romans Plant A Seed At A Sold Out Los Angeles Show

Venue: The Regent

Date: 10/20/21

We Came As Romans announced their 10 Year Anniversary Tour for their debut album “To Plant A Seed” in late 2019. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, the tour was postponed not once but twice. At last, the band could embark on the long-awaited anniversary tour, a year and a half after it was initially scheduled for. Along with the band came support from The Devil Wears Prada, Dayseeker, and Hollow Front. This stacked lineup brought the heavy, the emotional, and the nostalgia to a sold-out crowd that had awaited this night for a long while.

Up first was Hollow Front Grand Rapids, Michigan. The band is on the border between metalcore and post-hardcore, with some ambient backing tracks that bring in the progressive metal influences. The band opened their set with the opening track from their 2020 release “Loose Threads” titled “Afflicted,” which the band released independently. This song is melodic and comes out the gate, showcasing Tyler Tate’s harsh, growled vocals. The dude truly owns every inch of that stage. The band then went on to the title track from their newest album, “Loose Threads,” which really showcased guitarist and vocalist Dakota Alvarez’s vocal abilities and had a slower vibe to it. Devin Attard, one of the rising drummers in the metal scene, was headbanging and smashing the hell out of the drums in the back. The band then went on to play Vegabond, also from their newest album. This is one of the heavier tracks on the record and goes deep into the downtune with deep bass tones from bassist Brandon Rummler. In total, the band played seven songs and really started the show out perfectly. The crowd was still warming up and coming in, but they definitely got the pit warmed up for the bands to come. I cannot wait to see and photograph the Hollow Front boys again next year!


  1. Afflicted
  2. Loose Threads
  3. Vagabond
  4. Wearing Thin
  5. Don’t Fall Asleep
  6. Left Behind
  7. Treading Water

Up next was the incredible Dayseeker from Orange County, CA. Dayseeker is another band that borders between metalcore and post-hardcore, with a lot of progressive metal influences in their instrumentalization and the ambiance that is felt throughout their music. For their setlist on this tour, the band played songs all from their newest album, “Sleeptalk,” released in 2019 via Spinefarm Records. The interlude “The Embers Glow” played as the band came on stage, leading into their first song, “The Color Black,” one of the heavier songs on that new album. The song showcases vocalist Rory Rodriguez’s vocals in the forefront, with him mixing between cleans and screaming. This new album is very emotional, speaking about alcoholism, loss, eating disorders, and more. Rory really poured his heart into these vocals, and you can tell with how much emotion he has on stage. One thing that is apparent throughout Dayseeker’s music is the intricate chord progression and fluidity, which are courtesy of the band’s guitarist Gino Sgambelluri and bassist Ramone Valerio, who really add a lot of complex parts to the instrumentals. The band then moved on to their second song, that being “Gates of Ivory.” This is another of the heavier songs on the album. Still, it does such a great job as the rest, with a good yin and yang between the heavy and the melodic with those beautiful instrumentals and Rory’s vocals. The third song in the set was “Crooked Soul,” which has some of the heaviest instrumentals of the record, paired with Rory’s more melodic vocals, creating a beautiful pairing in the song. Drummer Zac Mayfield, the drummer for bands Oh, Sleeper, and Noble, filled in for this tour, truly holding down the fort on the drums. But during the fourth song in the set, “Burial Plot,” the band’s drummer Mike Karle swapped in and finished the set with the band. It was fantastic to see him there slaying as always. The band, in total, had seven songs in their set, six if you don’t include the interlude intro. Dayseeker is always a joy to see and photograph. Keep an eye out on them, as they have many more things in their arsenal to come!


  1. The Embers Glow (Interlude/Intro)
  2. The Color Black
  3. Gates Of Ivory
  4. Crooked Soul
  5. Burial Plot
  6. Drunk
  7. Sleeptalk

Up next was the all mighty The Devil Wears Prada from Dayton, Ohio. The Devil Wears Prada has become one of the most consistent bands within the metalcore genre throughout their career, releasing seven full-length albums and two EPs. The band played a career-spanning set for their direct support slot, playing songs from almost all of their releases. They opened up the set with “Nightfall,” the opening track from “ZII,” released in 2021 via Solid State Records. This song is one of the heaviest songs the band has released in years, bringing the band to an elevated version of the heaviness they were known for in their earlier days as a band. Vocalist Mike Hranica is on full display for a majority of the song, with his mid and high range screams piercing through the heaviness. The song has a slowdown section for the cleans, which are provided by guitarist and clean vocalist Jeremy DePoyster. The band then went on to play “Outnumbered” from the “Zombie EP.” This EP stands the test of time as one of the band’s most popular releases with its sheer heaviness. The crowd went nuts, with lots of moshing and crowd surfing. During this song, bassist Mason Nagy had incredible energy, flailing and headbanging to his’ heart’s content. Keyboardist Jonathan Gering really brings a lot to this song, adding the needed synths and backing that amp up the song to new levels. The third song in the band’s set was “Born To Lose” from the album “Dead Throne.” Coming hot off the release of Zombie EP in 2010, this 2011 record saw the band continuing off the momentum they built thus far, combining the sound of their previous works with their new, more mature sound. Born To Lose is one of the highlighted tracks from this album. I was honed in on guitarist Kyle Sipress, who absolutely slayed it on those lead guitar parts, as well as drummer Giuseppe Capolupo, who is an absolute machine on those beats. I was, unfortunately, unable to get any photos of Kyle or Giuseppe, as we photographers were kicked out of the photo pit a song early due to the crowdsurfing. However, I was still able to enjoy the band’s incredible set from the crowd, where they played ten songs in total, ranging from most of their discography. This band always plays a flawless set, and I was thoroughly impressed with what they showcased to us. I cannot wait to see and photograph these guys once again in the new year!


  1. Nightfall
  2. Outnumbered
  3. Born To Lose
  4. Chemical
  5. Lines of Your Hands
  6. Forlorn
  7. Sacrifice
  8. Mammoth
  9. Hey John, What’s Your Name Again?
  10. Danger: Wildman

Finally, We Came As Romans from Troy, Michigan, came to the stage. For the 10th anniversary of “To Plant A Seed,” the band played the album in its entirety. However, they didn’t necessarily play it in order. The band played the entirety of the album but mixed in fan-favorite songs from the band’s discography. Before the band came on stage, they had a beautiful video playing on their LED screens about how impactful this album was on their careers and onto them as individuals. The band opened up with the title track “To Plant A Seed.” The stage exploded with CO2 cannons and an extensive lighting setup brought by the band. Vocalist Dave Stephens came right out the gate screaming those vocals and really controlling the crowd. What was remarkable was seeing the dynamic between Dave and bassist and backup vocalist Andy Glass. This was my first time seeing the band after the passing of the band’s founding clean vocalist Kyle Pavone. I was curious to see how the vocal duties would be split up. Andy took over, doing some of the screaming vocals, while Dave did the clean vocal parts. The band changed keys to fit Dave’s voice, and the new arrangements sounded absolutely incredible. The second song the band played was “Broken Statues.” During this song, I focused on guitarist Joshua Moore, who really holds it down on those lead guitar parts and instrumental melody. I have been a fan of his guitar playing for years, and to finally photograph it live was a dream come true. It was also so cool to see drummer David Puckett absolutely slay those drums. Formerly in the band For Today, David is quite established in the metal scene and has a range in his’ drum playing. Just hearing his’ playing on these songs that inspired me so much as a young kid was amazing. For their third song, the band played “We Are The Reasons.” I focused during this song on rhythm guitarist Lou Cotton, who truly grooved along with the rhythm section and held it down. It was amazing to finally hear songs like “Intensions” and “Roads That Don’t End and Views That Never Cease” played live since I saw them back in 2012 for the first time. It was also incredible to hear the band’s newest song, “Black Hole,” performed live, along with fan-favorite songs like “Hope,” “Tracing Back Roots,” and “Wasted Age,” among others. This is a band that has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. They were one of the first bands I got into in the scene. I remember getting this We Came As Romans gray shirt at Hot Topic back in 2011 and just being in awe. Little did I know that it would start quite the collection of metal shirts to come. We Came As Romans demolished that stage and performed a fantastic nineteen-song set, really planting their seed into The Regent in Los Angeles, California, on this Wednesday night!


  1. To Plant A Seed
  2. Broken Statues
  3. We Are The Reasons
  4. Beliefs
  5. Dreams
  6. To Move On Is To Grow
  7. Wasted Age
  8. Lost In The Moment
  9. Hope
  10. Tracing Back Roots
  11. Black Hole
  12. Intensions
  13. Roads That Don’t End and Views That Never Cease
  14. Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always
  15. I Will Not Reap Destruction
  16. An Ever-Growing Wonder


17. Promise Me

18. Cold Like War

19. Darkbloom

The “To Plant A Seed 10 Year Anniversary Tour” was a long time coming and something I’ve had on my calendar a total of 4 different times now. I am just so happy that the bands, the management, and the venue worked hard to make it happen. We Came As Romans is an essential band in my personal musical journey, so to see the album that brought them into my life played in its entirety was a dream come true. Shout out to The Devil Wears Prada, Dayseeker, and Hollow Front for truly bringing your A-Game and bringing some incredible music to Los Angeles. Truly one of the best shows I’ve had the honor of covering this year.

We Came As Romans | The Devil Wears Prada | Dayseeker | Hollow Front

Photos + Review courtesy of Jamie Kaufman | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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