Issues @ Vans Warped Tour | Ventura, CA

Photos courtesy of : Jamie Kaufman 

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J-Theo @ Rock City Studios

J-Theo | 6/2/18 |Rock City Studios  

Jonathan Zillman, also known as J-Theo, is quite the entertainer. I have seen him grow as a musician, and as a person over the last year, it has been very beautiful to see. Jonathan headlined the Live in the 805 events twice before, however he was listed as a supporting act on this event. He played an incredible set, around six or seven songs, most of which came from his debut album “A Dreamer’s Disease”, which he re-released independently this year under the new name J-Theo. J-Theo takes influences from many different genres and infuses it into his rap/R&B style. Originally, Jonathan was a part of a few different local hardcore and death-core bands that unfortunately did not work out. With that being said, he used some of the lyrical work and poetry while in those bands, and put it to good use in his current music. He writes about things that mean a lot to him, and thus his lyrical content strays away from a lot of the garbage the mainstream shows in terms of rap. He raps about topics some are too afraid to, and is very fun to watch on stage. He even stage dived at the end, with the crowd carrying him around the venue during his last song “Black Sheep”. J-Theo is a rap artist that stretches the boundaries and is definitely one to be on the lookout for.  Our interview with J-Theo will be posted to our YouTube channel shortly, be on the look out!

Photography & review courtesy of Jamie Kaufman 

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Mae Krell + April Rose | Summer Tour


Ryan Cassata on select dates labelled with ” ** “


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ONE OK ROCK | Ambitions Tour 2017


Photography by : Angel Haines

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Throwback Thursday : Warped Tour 2016

Vans Warped Tour | 7/21/16 | Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, OH
Photos by : Chyenne Conner
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Motionless In White | Vans Warped Tour 2016

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Photography by : C.Trimarco Photography

Reel Big Fish | Vans Warped Tour 2016

Photography by Rebecca McKay

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