Stand Atlantic & Waterparks |Eye of the Storm Tour 2019

Photography courtesy of Rebecca McKay

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Throwback Thursday | The Entertainment Tour 2018

Photography courtesy of Rebecca McKay

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Emo Nite LA X 3oh!3

Photography courtesy of Rebecca McKay

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Vans Warped Tour – Summer 2018

The last cross-country Vans Warped Tour takes place this summer from 6/21-8/5. The tour will start in California and end in Florida. Being that this is the last cross-country tour, fans expected the lineup to be nothing short of amazing. Kevin Lyman really delivered with this lineup. It is a fantastic way to end the tour with a bang.

The lineup features bands from across a wide range of genres within the scene. Some of my personal favorites will be making an appearance on the final run of the tour. There are a few bands on the lineup set to only play a few dates including my favorite band, All Time Low (A little bitter I won’t be able to see them).

Some are not a fan of the lineup saying most of the bands they want to see aren’t playing their date. Others such as, TCAP member Emily Sulkowski, said “I’m ready to have the sweatiest, rowdiest, best day ever.” She also went on to say, “I love the lineup so much and I think it’s gonna attract younger and older fans alike.” I totally agree with Emily but also agree that more bands should be playing the full tour.

You can see bands and artists all the way from pop punk band, State Champs all the way to the death metal band, Nekrogoblikon (trust me I never heard of them either, but I’m intrigued). Some warped tour staples such as Taking Back Sunday, Sum 41, Reel Big Fish, and Less than Jake will be making appearances on the tour which really takes the tour back to its roots. Less than Jake has been on the tour since 1997 and this summer will be their 10th time appearing on the tour! It’s exciting to see a mix of new bands and older bands all coming together to make this last tour one for the books.

Thank you, Kevin Lyman, for all that you have done to bring this scene together every summer. I am sad to see the tour go but I am happy that it happened. It was the first place I ever photographed a concert and it will forever hold a special place in my heart for that. Looking back on where I started to where I am now, without warped tour I never would’ve gotten here.

Rebecca McKay

Sleep On It ft Patty Walters| Made In America Tour 2017


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Photos courtesy of Rebecca McKay

Kinky Boots ft Brendon Urie – Review

Earlier this month I had the privilege of seeing a man from our scene take the Broadway stage for the first time. Brendon Urie has always had a very impressive vocal range in my opinion and his performance as Charlie Price in Kinky Boots showcased that perfectly.

To set the scene, Kinky Boots is a musical that tells the wonderful story of Charlie and Lola. Charlie is a show maker and Lola is a drag queen. The story is one of acceptance, pride and love. Although the musical has a story just like any other it’s the underlying message is what really makes this show one to remember. It is important to remember to be true to yourself and not always listen to everyone else’s opinions of you. You are you and you are beautiful in your own way! As the musical states “just be who you wanna be, never let em’ tell you who you ought to be.”

For those of you aren’t as familiar with going to the theater here is some background. I was lucky enough to be sitting front row which meant I could see everyone perfectly. No matter where you sit you will be able to see everything. The showing I went to was at two which meant getting to the theater 30-40 before seemed appropriate. Nighttime shows tend to get a tad busier. Something to keep in mind if you are looking to get your playbill signed by some of the cast, if there are two showings for the day the cast only comes out at night. Performing day after day on Broadway is a ton of work and resting between shows is a must. Since I was at the matinee show I was able to go back to the theater before the nighttime show let out to secure a spot at the stage door with my playbill. People who went to the show at night still had the opportunity for signings but it wasn’t as easy to get a photograph with the cast members. Whatever you do please do not push or shove because Urie’s manager Zack will take Brendon back inside and shut down the meet.

Of course, I saw the show to see Brendon Urie but I highly recommend seeing it even if you can’t see it with him. There is an entire dedicated cast who brings the show to life and tells the amazing story. Definitely a show I would love to see again if given the chance.

It is a bit upsetting that I need to write this but I’m including here anyway. If you are seeing this show with Brendon Urie because you are a P!ATD fan please be respectful. Since this is a Broadway show it is extremely impolite to cheer at every moment and scream loudly. Some people are actually just there to see the show.  Please stay until the very last moment of the show. I know how tempting it is to run outside and try to meet Brendon at the stage door but leaving a performance early is extremely disrespectful. Last but not least, please do not record the show as it is strictly prohibited. With that enjoy the show and hope you all get the chance to see this wonderful musical.

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Photos & Review courtesy of Rebecca McKay


Yellowcard – The Final World Tour

There was not a dry eye in sight as Yellowcard played for one of the last times ever. The night of November 22nd was definitely one for the books for many Orlando concert goers. The band put on an amazing set including many of the good oldies and many of the new songs off their final album.  The energy of both the band and the crowd were absolutely incredible. You could tell everyone was there to make the most out of their last time seeing Yellowcard perform. The best moment was when the whole crowd sang Ocean Avenue at the top of their lungs for one final time. This show is definitely one I will remember for a long time. Farewell Yellowcard, the fans will miss you.

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Photography & Review by Rebecca McKay

Yellowcard | 11/22/2016

Photography by Rebecca McKay

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Review : The Made To Destroy Tour | 10/8/16

Photos by : Cristine Trimarco at the NYC date of tour.

I never pass up the opportunity to see Pierce the Veil perform and The Made to Destroy tour was no exception. Pierce the Veil put on an amazing show as always featuring tracks from their older albums and from their latest release Misadventures. The show was complete with opening performances from I Prevail and Neck Deep. Both bands put on amazing sets as well. All in all the show was one for the books. Pierce the Veil is most definitely one of my favorite bands to see perform. Their energy at every show is incredible. They know how to get the crowd excited which always makes for a good show environment. If you have yet to see them perform I highly recommend it next time they come around.

Review by : Rebecca McKay

Waterparks | Vans Warped Tour

Photography by Rebecca McKay

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