The Veer Union w/ NeverWake, Saved By Skarlet, and Cross The Divide | 10 Year Anniversary Tour 2019

Cross The Divide

Saved By Skarlet


The Veer Union

The Veer Union | NeverWake | Saved By Skarlet | Cross The Divide

Photos courtesy of Amanda Spring | 5/14/19

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An HONEST review of “Mania” by Fall Out Boy


One would expect Fall Out Boy to make another pop album along the lines of American Beauty/American Psycho. Their new album Mania, however, is all over the place and never really finds its focus. The first single, “Young And Menace”, is a shrill dub-step mess that does not lend itself well to Patrick’s voice and well overstays its run time. “Champion” is at best a bland overly repetitive track that feels like it was tailor-made for radio. The track, “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)”, is the one glimmer of hope for this album and it seems to have been added for their old fans to show that they didn’t forget about them. With that being said, Mania is still bogged down in mediocre pop ideas that never really connect and leaves the listener with an album that’s more confusing than catchy; a damning sentence for a band that supposedly sold their souls to save rock and roll. 2/10

Review courtesy of Amanda Spring

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Zero The Clock

The band is from North Attleboro Massachusetts, and this was their first show in about six months. When they first got on stage people were at the back of the room but once they started playing everyone moved up super close to the stage. The crowd was wild, lots of moshing. The band seemed to be really enjoying themselves, and the crowd seemed very into the music

Photography by : Amanda Spring 

The Shakes | 1/21/17

The Shakes put on a great show at The Middle East Upstairs in Boston. I was not expecting such a soulful voice from the singer, it was a very pleasant surprise for a music scene that is dominated by metal and hardcore bands. You could see Big Mike (singer and guitarist) put his heart into his performance and his guitar solos were absolutely dripping with emotion. For those who appreciate alternative blues bands such as The Black Keys or The White Stripes but with an extra kick, make sure to give The Shakes a listen.

Photography by : Amanda Spring 


The Broken Few – EP Release Party

I had the opportunity to photograph The Broken Fews EP release party on October 8, 2016 at the News Cafe in Pawtucket Rhode Island. Being that it was taking place at quite a small bar, i didnt expect too much of a crowd. Let me tell you, they proved me wrong. As soon as the band took the stage and started singing, or rather screaming, everyone started jumping around. They picked up the singer and had him crowd surf around the tiny bar. The energy at the show was intense, and everyone started moshing to the music causing me to run to safety to protect my camera! All in all it was one of my most interesting local shows ive had a chance to photograph, so do yourself a favor, if you like moshing and bands with high energy go check out The Broken Few. 

Photos & Review by :Amanda Spring 

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