Set It off takes over the Journeys Right Foot Stage | Vans Warped Tour 2018

setitoff vwt

‪7/27 – Mansfield, MA‬
‪7/28 – Wantagh, NY‬
‪8/3 – Orlando, FL‬

Get your tickets at ‪‬

‪See you there.

Set It Off – 2/12/18 @ The Granada Theater

 Photos courtesy of Lexi Rodriguez, who owns Hope Through Headphones

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 12 of February, Lawrence Kansas, Granada Theater

Set It Off – 1/22/18 Rex Theater, PA

Photography courtesy of : Angel Haines

 The Camera Affect Promotions |Instagram Twitter | Youtube

Throwback Thursday – Set It Off | Ambitions Tour 2017

Set It Off starts tour on in TWO days.

Never before seen photos of Set It Off in honor of Set It Off heading out with Simple Plan from 3/10 through 4/18, then again on 5/27 to 5/29 in the United Kingdom.

 You can view tour dates & purchase tickets : here

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  Photos by :Cristine Trimarco @ Loud Fest in NJ.

Set It Off | Vans Warped Tour 2016

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Photography by : C.Trimarco Photography

Set It Off Interview | Vans Warped Tour

Got to chat for a bit with Zach & Maxx about the upcoming album, why they chose the blue & white color scheme, how they have grown as a band/musicians and so on…

Give it a watch if you’re interested in all of the above listed things, or just watch it if you LOVE Set It Off as much as the next fan does.

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