Zoom Interview with Singer-songwriter Erin Kirby

During this time ourselves and everyone around us has had to adapt to a new normal. Usually, I’ve done in person interviews or written – this time it’s a video chat interview! In a time where work and school are all done remotely I figured why not interview an artist remotely as well. Below is our first ever zoom interview Cristine did with singer/songwriter Erin Kirby.

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Interview courtesy of Cristine Trimarco

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Ryan Cassata turns down American Idol for all the right reasons

I understand that TV shows cast certain people specifically for ratings, but doing it in the way American Idol has described it to Ryan is just down right wrong and disrespectful. You can’t just USE Ryan because he’s a singer and he’s transgender. He was the same Ryan last year when you didn’t want him on your show, and he isn’t any different now. American Idol, I think it’s safe to say you need to learn your rights from your wrongs. Yes cast to get your ratings up, that’s the TV show business, but DO NOT do it disrespectfully.

__For those of you who haven’t yet, check out Ryan’s music below __
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Who is Jax ?

In the photos above you see a young Jax, on October 9th, 2011 playing a show along side Patent Pending and quite a few others locals in Webster Hall’s studio. She’s always been talented, from when I first saw her perform as Jersey Kids with her band mates in 2009, or 2010. So young, and still incredibly talented. Since then she’s become an even better performer, an inspiration to many world wide, and the 3rd place winner of American Idol.  Jax, we know you know in the eyes of your family, friends, long time fans, and new members of the JaxPack. You’re #1 in our eyes. Our very our homegrown and humble American Idol. Keep it up Jax, you’ll do big things. Hope to see you soon.

Photos by : Christine Trimarco Photography

Christine Trimarco ( @munchkin616 on twitter )

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