Who is Jax ?

In the photos above you see a young Jax, on October 9th, 2011 playing a show along side Patent Pending and quite a few others locals in Webster Hall’s studio. She’s always been talented, from when I first saw her perform as Jersey Kids with her band mates in 2009, or 2010. So young, and still incredibly talented. Since then she’s become an even better performer, an inspiration to many world wide, and the 3rd place winner of American Idol.  Jax, we know you know in the eyes of your family, friends, long time fans, and new members of the JaxPack. You’re #1 in our eyes. Our very our homegrown and humble American Idol. Keep it up Jax, you’ll do big things. Hope to see you soon.

Photos by : Christine Trimarco Photography

Christine Trimarco ( @munchkin616 on twitter )

The Camera Affect Promotions |  Tweet @thecameraaffect | Instagram @TCAPromotions.

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