YUNGBLUD w/ SAINT PHNX | Don’t Wanna Be A Loner Tour | Photos + Review

One of the most talked about artists in music right now is YUNGBLUD. Over the past few years, he’s released his debut EP and LP, as well as a live album, went on a large amount of dates on the Vans Warped Tour (as well as making an appearance at the Mountain View show for their 25th anniversary event), and did a few national tours supporting not only those releases, but also the singles he’s released so far this year, with this particular tour being in support of his song Loner. I discovered YUNGBLUD’s music about a year ago, after hearing so many good things about his songs and live performances, and quickly became a fan. I discovered SAINT PHNX (who would be supporting him for these shows) more recently, and really enjoyed the music from first listen. All of this made me even more excited about attending the Don’t Wanna Be A Loner Tour.

Opening up the night was SAINT PHNX. The Glasgow, Scotland based act kicked off their set with their debut single “Reload” and my personal favorite song of theirs, “Death Of Me.” In addition to incorporating many of their other songs in their discography (“Rise,” “Nunchuck,” and “Dead Man,”) they also fit in a new song in the middle of the set. The trio (vocalist Stevie Jukes, drummer Alan Jukes, and touring guitarist John Cargill) had a ton of energy and did a great job of engaging the crowd, especially during their more energetic songs.

Not long after SAINT PHNX finished, YUNGBLUD took the stage, opening with the title track to his debut LP “21st Century Liability,” followed by the fun and energetic “I Love You, Will You Marry Me” and “King Charles” off of his debut EP. As the set progressed, he continued to play more songs from that EP (“Anarchist”) as well as a handful of songs from his debut album as well (“Medication,” “Die For The Hype,” “Machine Gun”). Some of the highlights of his set were some of his slower songs – “Polygraph Eyes,” where there was so much emotion shown in that performance and everyone in the crowd was singing along, and “Kill Somebody,” where everyone made their cell phone flashlights pink to match the color scheme of the album. As well as playing songs from his past releases, he also played two of his newest hits – “Parents” and “Loner,” and included an unreleased song earlier on in the set. Frontman Dominic Harrison also brings so much energy, moving and jumping around on stage constantly, and the crowd of nearly a thousand people did the same throughout his set.

This was my first time seeing both acts live, and I was very impressed. I absolutely loved the energy and passion found during both live sets, I think it definitely makes both of their performances really stand out, and as a whole, it was a great show.


Photos + Review courtesy of Megan Langley | Instagram

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