Knocked Loose w/ The Acacia Strain, Harms Way, Sanction, and Higher Power | Spring North American Tour |Photos + Review | 4/12/19 | Lancaster, PA

In Old Ham County, Kentucky, something truly special was born. With a genre full of bands, what sets Knocked Loose apart? Their shows. Tonight I finally experienced what all the fuss was about.

Higher Power, Sanction and Harms Way kicked the night off with a punch, giving us a little taste of what was to come. All 3 bands were heavy and gave the crowd that energy we needed. Despite not being known by everyone, those 3 openers left the building, but didn’t leave everyone’s mind. The Acacia Strain was the evenings heaviest treat. The crowd seemed to transform into a pit of chaos. Crowdsurfers, stage divers, and moshers, the Massachusetts band brought the temperature in the room up about 15 degrees. 

The main act we all waited for. Knocked Loose came out swinging, quite literally. Before the first note was played, the crowd was moving. Frontman Bryan Garris encouraged the crowd to keep moving, to take the mic, and have a good time. Playing older tracks like The Gospel and All My Friends, their new single Mistakes Like Fractures, and most of their most recent album Laugh Tracks, the 5-piece was a security guards worst nightmare. Crowdsurfers didn’t stop coming. The pit never closed. Garris knew the mic was ours, not his.

This tour was extraordinary. It’s hard to have bands continue to compliment each other’s energy and vibe. This spring tour was nearly perfect in every way, from the set lists to the stage presence, this is not the last we’ll be hearing from any of the 5 bands that played. 

Higher Power


Harms Way

The Acacia Strain

Knocked Loose


Knocked Loose | The Acacia Strain | Harms Way | Sanction | Higher Power

Photos and review courtesy of Emily Sulkowski

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