BATTLEGHOST Interview : Written

BATTLEGHOST Interview : Written

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name & instrument(s) you play:
Dorian: Guitar/Vocals
Lloyd: Bass/Vocals
Ben: Guitar
Nick: Drums

at what age did you get into music ?
Dorian: Around age 14 or so
Lloyd: Really started playing and paying attention at 16
Ben: Also around age 14
Nick: When I was 12 was when I decided I wanted to make it a career.

celebrity crush ?
Dorian: Morgan Freeman
Lloyd: John Stamos
Ben: Bob Saget
Nick: Ashton Kutcher

who/what is your inspiration to play music ?
We were all able to collectively agree that Blink-182 was a main inspiration. Also, Godsmack, Disturbed, Creed and Seether rank up there pretty high…

most memorable show ?
It’d have to be a tie between our CD release show back in June of last year, or Milford, CT back in December. Both memorable, for different reasons. Good reasons.

favorite state to play in ?
Nothing beats the love we get in our hometown of Richmond, VA. Aside from that, Maryland gave us a pretty warm welcome our first time there so props to them on that.

describe yourself in one word ?
Dorian: Tangy
Lloyd: Bearded
Ben: Ten
Nick: Wet

if you could change one thing about the world ; what would it be ?
Less hair on public toilet seats.

upcoming tours/shows ?
We are doing a couple of weekend tours in March and April. We’re doing 8 dates in May in support of the new EP with our CT buddies, Fourth and Goal. Be on the look out for the dates to be released!

how can fans contact you ?
Anyone can contact us however they would like! Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram. Don’t be shy!

if you could have one super power, what would it be & why ?
Ben: Have the ability to go supersyan.
Nick: Become a baby at any time I choose

dream tour ?
It would be pretty cool to tour with some of our favorite acts such as Blink-182, The Wonder Years, Fall Out Boy and The Story So Far

lastly, what do you have to say to your fans ?
We would just like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us in anyway! It means everything to us. Don’t just be a friend, say hi and become a friend. We love you!

Check out BATTLEGHOST here :

Pick up “This May Hurt a Little” on iTunes!

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