The Resolution Tour : January 5th New York City Review

The Resolution Tour : January 5th New York City Review

To start off the night opening act Deleasa hyped up the crowd and completely rocked the stage. I have heard about him quite a few times before this and was thrilled to finally be able to see him perform live.  Soon after Mikey’s set word around the venue was that Kevin & Danielle Jonas showed up to support their brother/ brother-in-law. Sure enough they did.

ainycjonasdeleasapictured from left to right ( Anthony Of Action Item, Kevin Jonas, Mikey Deleasa, David&Brian also of Action Item)

Next up was Hello Highway, after following Daniel for 9 months prior to being able to see him perform live I was very excited to catch his set. For this tour his friends in Fourth and Coast were his back up band, and in all honesty I couldn’t be any more proud of how Daniel has grown as a musician.

After that Before You Exit, the youngest band on the tour hits the stage. For a group of teenagers in the music scene they definitely have a good grip on what they’re meant to be doing.  The boys in BYE make sure they have the whole crowd singing along for at least one song . I’m pretty sure ” End Of The World” and it’s “na na na na na’s” catch everyone’s attention.

I’ve been following Paradise Fears since early 2010, from following tours of bands they idolize to actually touring with said bands. I can’t even imagine what that success feels like to them, in my eyes I have never been more proud of these six guys from South Dakota. As Paradise Fears takes the stage emotions build up and by the time the sing “Sanctuary” everyone is crying happy tears. The stage presence of Paradise Fears is incredible.

Last, but most certainly never least : Action Item takes the stage, I can’t help but get chills. In April of 2010 I interview the guys and they said they’re ” a long way away from having our own headlining tour” and here they are on the stage in front of me playing a sold out New York City show on their second headlining tour. If that’s not success then I don’t know what is.  I’d have to admit Action Item’s stage presence has improved since early ’10 and is the best I’ve ever seen. They played a set of 10-12 songs, including some covers, as well as a special guest during Marching Band.

Each band on the Resolution tour performs with so much heart. I highly suggest making it out to a Deleasa, Hello Highway, Fourth and Coast, Before You Exit, Paradise Fears and Action Item show in the near future, or whenever they’re in you’re area. It’ll give you a feeling of happiness I can’t put into words.


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