February Artist Of The Month : Crash The Party

February Artist Of The Month : Crash The Party

Crash The Party is a three piece pop band based out of Hamden, CT. Consisting of Vocalist : Ian Reibeisen, Lead Guitarist/Vocals : Christopher Swane & Drummer : Crick Butcher. After following Ian’s past musical endeavors we knew we had to check out Crash The Party. Sure enough after listening to a couple of CTP track we knew these guys are for sure a band you’ll want to keep up with through 2013. Trust me.

Watch Crash The Party’s “Fuck U Over” by The Summer Set cover here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=r4UIRx4uczY If you like watch you’ve heard download it for FREE here : http://crashtheparty.bandcamp.com/track/fuck-u-over

Pick up “Come Alive” EP on itunes now : http://tinyurl.com/ComeAliveItunes

Keep up with Crash The Party here :
@IanTheParty @ChrisTheParty @CrickTheParty

Keep up with all interviews, shows, tours , announcements and more from us here :






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