The Relapse Symphony Interview | Vans Warped Tour July 2015

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“Die Alone” Music Video by Taylor Wyscarver

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The Relapse Symphony | Vans Warped Tour | Jones Beach Theater

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Bret Von Dehl of The Relapse Symphony dances with Miranda.

Bret Von Dahl of The Relapse Symphony dances with Miranda.

This photo just goes to show you that for everyone, musicians and fans alike little moments mean everything and more.

“Hey everyone, I wanted to post this because it made me feel great to see how happy I’d made someone. This is a picture of me and Miranda Morgan slow dancing at our show in Baltimore. After I complimented the dress she was wearing she expressed to me that it was a prom dress despite the fact that she’d been home-schooled and never had the opportunity to attend a prom or a Homecoming Dance. She went on to say that she’d much rather go to clubs and see her favorite bands than “do all that silly stuff anyway.” This struck a chord with me because, I was never home-schooled but, I sure as hell never got asked or had the opportunity to go to a school dance either. Miranda is an extremely sweet girl and I felt she deserved a slow dance, right there in the middle of the venue. ” – Bret : The Relapse Symphony

“This was probably the sweetest thing ever. Bret complimented my dress. I told him it was a prom dress and explained to him how I was home-schooled through high school and had never had the chance to go to prom or homecoming. I told him I’d rather put on a pretty dress and go see amazing bands play rather than go to a silly school dance anyway. He said “Let’s slow dance, You deserve it.” and we began dancing in the middle of the venue. Obviously by my smile I was loving every minute of it. The world needs more people like him. ” – Miranda Morgan

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The Relapse Symphony – Panic (Time’s Running Out)

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Who’s coming out to the “Bad Blood Tour” ?

We’re excited to see our friends in The Relapse Symphony.

The Relapse Symphony gets SIGNED ?!?!


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