Panic by From Ashes To New | Review

Following the release of 2018’s “The Future,” From Ashes To New are back with their third LP, titled “Panic.” 

The album opens up with “Scars That I’m Hiding,” which starts off on a more melodic note as it leads up to the huge chorus, which showcases some raw, emotional vocals and harder-hitting instrumentals. The lead single “What I Get” is pretty similar, as it’s another more melodic rock-leaning track and also contains a huge, catchy chorus. This one also adds in some rapping, something that’s shown throughout a lot of the rest of this album. Two great examples of this are “Bulletproof,” a very powerful track which alternates between rap-filled verses and its hard-hitting choruses and bridge, and the closing track, “Change My Past,” where the drums really stand out as well, especially as they accompany the rapping the verses before the guitars and vocals really kick in during the chorus. 

A few songs on here not only combine these influences, but also mix in some of the elements that the band experimented with on “The Future.” “Wait For Me” is a great example of this, as it starts out on a much softer note with one of the catchiest hooks on the entire record, and the verses are a bit softer as well before more instrumentals get added in during the huge chorus, followed by a catchy guitar solo later on. “Blind” mixes in some synths and poppier elements, while still incorporating elements of rap in the pre-choruses and rock and metal in the huge choruses with raw, emotional vocal performances and hard-hitting instrumentation. “Brick,” another one of the catchiest songs on the album, brings a perfect combination of the band’s rap and rock influences and mixes in some synths during the intro and outro.

A couple of tracks lean towards the heavier side, such as “SideFX,” with darker melodies delivered through a very intriguing and sort of haunting vocal performance and some heavier vocals and instrumentals that get mixed in, and “Nothing,” which immediately opens with shouted vocals and heavier instrumentals before rapping is mixed in during the verses and the pounding drums help build the song up to its huge chorus, which references that heavier intro. The remaining two tracks – the single and title track “Panic” and the second-to-last track “Death Of Me” both combine the various influences found on this album as a whole.

“Panic” shows From Ashes To New continuing to evolve and define their sound, and it’s another great album from them.

Review courtesy of Megan Langley | Instagram

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