Saving Vice @ Broken Land Fest

Photographer Shay’s favorite things about Broken Land Fest

1. The venue itself is cool. Not sure if you’ve been there before but it’s my first time. When you step it there is a big open space that’s where the main stage is, to your right was another stage next to the kitchen, to your left is the bar, when you walk out to the back there is the garden stage which is literally outside in the garden.

2. Tattoos – flash tattoos, music and tattoos make for a great festivals. Don’t drink and get them though, lol

3. Art show, they had some performances with hula hoops and strippers. I saw this because this was at the time I was outside at the garden stage.

4. Very friendly environment, really good vibes everywhere.

5. Breakdowns, a lot of the kids from the long island hardcore music scene were in attendance, pretty sure for Bodysnatcher, and they live for breakdowns. It’s so nice to see everyone two stepping in unison to breakdowns!

6. Fusion of different music, you had old school rap like Scarhead ( bitches and cocaine, that’s what stood out after every song lol) , then you had new rap like Quija macc and then hardcore metal mixed in, it was great. And of course, Saving Vice got the attention of everyone, very high energy and the two vocals really works for them.

Photos + list above by Shay

Self proclaimed Metalhead from NYC, Phil shared a few words about his favorite sets of the day, ” Dropout Kings because of their fusion with Trap and Metalcore! I thought they were super sick! Bodysnatcher because they are one of the best downtempo bands out right now, absolute heavy madness. Skarhead because they are one of the best mid 90s NYHC bands and the best legacy act Broken Land Festival got. Honorable mentions also go to Left to Suffer, Yakmob, Saving Vice, Dishonest Escape and Awake at Last.”

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