REVIEW – Movements USA Tour 2019

         Movements is a band I’ve been a fan of for quite some time. I’ve been following the band since their signing to Fearless Records and the release of their debut EP, “Outgrown Things,” back in 2016. I saw them live for the first time at Vans Warped Tour the following summer, and was really looking forward to seeing them again on this tour, as well as the other incredible bands that supported them.

          Kicking off the night was New York based hardcore punk band Drug Church. The five-piece instantly brought a ton of energy, and kept that energy going throughout their entire half-hour set. Their music has quite a bit of aggression as well, and this was easily the heaviest band of the night. The band primarily performed songs off of their new album “Cheer,” including singles “Weed Pin,” “Avoidarama” and “Strong References,” and they even fit in a couple of old favorites as well: “Drunk Tank,” “Banco Popular” and “But Does It Work?.” Every member of the band was constantly moving around the stage the entire time, and their set got the crowd moving as well.

        Second on the bill were Trash Boat, a pop punk band from the UK. Their music leans towards the heavier side of pop punk, and it shows even more through their live performance. Similarly to Drug Church, Trash Boat also brought a little bit of aggression and plenty of energy throughout their set, filling the setlist with a lot of their faster paced songs, such as “Strangers,” “How Selfish I Seem,” and “Tring Quarry” from their debut LP “Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through” and “Inside Out,” “Nothing New,” and a few others from their sophomore effort “Crown Shyness.” As well as aggression, this band puts a lot of passion into their performance, and it truly showed through the performances from every member during every song.

         Next up was another band from the UK, Boston Manor. This is a band whose sound has evolved over the years, and their set really showed that evolution, as they played songs such as “Laika,” “Burn You Up,” and “Lead Feet” from their more pop punk leaning debut record “Be Nothing,” as well as several songs from their more experimental second album “Welcome To The Neighbourhood,” including “Flowers In Your Dustbin,” “Halo,” and “England’s Dreaming.” This band has an incredible stage presence and did a really good job of engaging the crowd, with plenty of moshing and crowdsurfing going on throughout the set.

      Closing out the night was California based band Movements, a band whose popularity has grown tremendously in the past couple of years. The band’s music combines various influences from pop punk, emo and alternative rock, and their unique sound really makes them stand out. One notable thing about their performance is that they put so much emotion into every single song, from their more upbeat ones such as “Kept,” “Full Circle,” and set opener “The Grey,” all of which had the crowd moving, while slower ones like “Submerge” and fan favorite “Daylily” had every person in the room singing along. Each band on the bill was a little bit different, and from the variety and diversity found on the lineup to all the energy, passion and emotion that each band provided in their individual sets, it was a great show overall.

Photos & Review by Megan Langley | Facebook | Twitter

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