Review : Yellowcard | The Final World Tour

Photos by : Cristine Trimarco

On November 9th, 2016 many people gathered in New York City at PlayStation Theater for a very special show. This would be Yellowcard’s last New York City show ever. Yellowcard became a band in 1997, they are from Jacksonville Florida and have been based in Los Angeles California since 2000. In early summer 2016 they announced their last album titled Yellowcard and The Final World Tour. Being a band for almost 20 years they have made 5 EP’s and 13 albums. Many of which were and still are very successful. They have changed so many lives over the years. For this final tour they have taken two bands on tour with them they are Dry Jacket an Indie Rock band from Marlton, New Jersey and Like Torches an Alternative Rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. The night started with Dry Jacket’s performance which was great. While being mellow they also had that rock sense which made them have a unique sound that was perfect for this tour. The next band to perform was Like Torches, they were slightly heavier throwing in some scream vocals here and there which got the crowd even more pumped than they already were. Finally Yellowcard performed starting with old songs progressing into new ones. Going back and forth between old songs and new ones was very refreshing. The performance was one of their best (in my opinion). Yellowcard played a total of 24 songs including an encore. It was a bittersweet feeling once the show was over. If the tour didn’t stop in your city just yet I highly suggest seeing them one last time.

Review by : Victoria Gilligan

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