Written Interview with Mat Moore of Aaah! Real Monsters

Where did the band name originate from ?

We all grew up in the nineties watching cartoons, and the band name to me means never grow up. Embrace your inner cartoon watching kid.

For those who never heard of  Aaah!RealMonsters, what song do you recommend they listen to ?

I would recommend listening to good riddance, it really showcases our pop punk sound and once we re-record it as part of our next EP, it will have those three part harmonies you can’t get enough of!

What is your inspiration to continue making music ?

Music is the only thing that makes sense in this ever changing world of ours. Creating new music is the best release from everyday stress and lets you escape.

Is your song writing process a team effort or more so one person ?

The fact that most of us are hundreds of miles apart means that it’s individual at first, but with technology advancing so fast, we’re able to share ideas online, then making it a team effort.

what is your favorite song to perform live ?

Personally my favorite song would have to be seconds away or Colorado, they’re faster paced, more pop punk, and lots of fun to jump around to

What bands does your dream tour consist of ?

Us opening for Major League opening for Real Friends opening for The Wonder Years.

When can we expect new music ?

Very soon! We’re getting back into the studio in the next month or two to finish the second part of our 3-part EP called Don’t Quit Your Day Jobs. This next one will be Your Day.

Is touring in the near future ?

Also yes! We’re working on setting up a mini summer tour through the heart of the country! Keep your ears open for news soon!


Keep up with Aaah!RealMonsters here : https://www.facebook.com/AaahRealMonsters

Keep up with us here : https://www.facebook.com/TheCameraAffectPromotions

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