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Geo Martinez, Brandon Eaton, TJ Hess and Dakota Valerio of Erie, Pennsylvania together form The Masquerade.

The Masquerade just released their debut EP “Home Is Where You Make It”
The tracklisting goes as followed :
1. The Weekend
2. Best Day Of My Life
3. Back Up Plan
4. Set Your Mind To It
5. All My Life

While listening to the EP straight through the first time ever hearing it, I immediately started dancing along in my computer chair. I definitely see this EP pumping up crowd filled venues. Although the band only formed in 2013 I see 2014 as their year. Whether it be opening for bigger acts or small tours. “All My Life ” has to be my favorite track, but the EP as a whole is the perfect dose of PA Pop Punk. By the looks of things the band is developing a rapidly growing fan base, keep up the good work.

Christine Trimarco

The Masquerade :

The Camera Affect Promotions :

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