Along For The Ride – Rookie Of The Year

Along For The Ride - Rookie Of The Year

Rookie Of The Year is an acoustic-pop band from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Singer/songwriter Ryan Dunson is the only official member of the band, but ROTY also consists of live members with a lineup that changes every so often. The band’s second EP titled “Along For The Ride” was released on January 11th, 2012. Here is a track-by-track breakdown of the newest music from Rookie Of The Year:

1.) Chase – great opening track, it is fast-paced and fun
2.) Light Years Away – the vocals are really nice, the song has a sweet and slower feel to it, there was a nice instrumental bridge towards the end
3.) Dallas – the intro and outro to this song are great, the standout lyrics for me are “you’re my only drug, girl; take too much and you’ll die in love”, it is a slow, sad song about love and loss, I feel like it would be a great track to see a live performance of
4.) Silent Words – this is a beautifully simple interlude, I love the use of piano that fades into guitar that then fades into strings, it’s a sweet blend of instruments and sound
5.) Tonight – this song paints a really good picture of heartbreak, the lyrics are pretty catchy, this was my favorite song off of the EP
6.) Diamond Lights – this is a piano driven song, the vocals are sweet and soft, the lyrics that most caught my attention were “find your way out, let light back in”
7.) Runaway – It has a lovely feel, the difference in the way the guitar is played is fabulous, it is a fun, hopeful love track, it definitely connects with the teenager inside of me
8.) Don’t Tear Me Apart – this track is a bit different from the rest of the EP, the vocals sound different yet intriguing.
9.) Light Years Away (Full Band) – adding more instruments to this song definitely gave it a whole different feel, I believe that it takes away the rawness and honesty of the acoustic version and the instruments tend overpower the vocals, especially during the chorus. I guess you could saw I’m a sucker for an acoustic song.

Tylar Holcomb

You can pick up a copy of “Along For The Ride” on iTunes:

Connect with Rookie Of The Year here:

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