Light The Night Benefit Show : Staten Island NY 12/8/12

Put together by The Camera Affect Promotions ( friends !!

In memory of Rosanne Scaramuzzo-Shanks and Joseph Scaramuzzo

This is for sure going to be a show you don’t want to miss.
We’ll have multiple bands playing and even some rappers.

Entry : 10$! ALL AGES
( If you can, we will also be collecting Toys For Staten Island tots, we want to help make the kids who were affected by the storm happy)

Set times ARE announced.

Bands :

5:30pm :The Other 9 to 5

6:10pm OnceByTheAtlantic


6:50pm Big Jet Plane
( )

7:30pm Neighborhood Kids

8:10pm Backslashes & Bad Ideas


8:50pm Four Nights Gone

9:30pm Breaking Even ( possibly acoustic )

For those of you who can not attend, you can still donate to the cause here : []

Thank You all so much it advance, it means the world.

❤ Christine

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