Artist Of The Month For July : Breaking Even

Artist Of The Month For July : Breaking Even

Breaking Even coming from right here in Staten Island NY fronted by LJ Goity, with band mates Vinny Holden, on backing vocals and lead/rhythm guitar, Kevin Ferger on lead/rhythm guitar as well, Ronnie Grazioli on bass/backing vocals and lastly Nick Cardona on drums. Always seem to put on a great show from what I hear around the island. If you’re into bands like Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, and Brand New then check them out right this second. They have some pretty kick ass guitar solos as well. Their song “ Hater While You Were Sleeping We Were Changing The Game” is one of my favorites for sure. Click the link above and listen. My favorite lyrics would have to be ” I can’t grow up, not yet, I’ll spend tonight with my friends”  Sometime soon we’ll be featuring an interview with these lovely guys.

-Christine, The Camera Affect Promotions

Words from Breaking Even : “ We are Breaking Even, and we are here to bring you some of the best music that we have to offer and we hope to spread our music to all of you and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer. If you like what you see and/or hear, come check us out at a show and hang out with us “

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Photo by Vlad

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