Score 24 reunites for a show, maybe more, maybe even a tour. ( we hope! )

A few summers ago when Score 24 played shows at local venues every weekend or every other weekend I was there. I rarely ever missed a show. They were pretty much the only reason I went to Long Island after Push Play broke up. I met a bunch of different bands, artists, and friends because of them, and I’m excited to see them play again. If you didn’t catch them when they toured frequently you should for sure check them out at this show if you’re in the area.

You can listen & watch the music video to Score 24’s song ” Good Girl ” 

Bravermen – “Mine”

Bravermen – “Mine”

A group of four friends and seasoned musicians from many well known Long Island bands have come together to collaborate on a new sound. Hoping to bring a breath of fresh air to their audience, Bravermen has just finished recording their first album, ‘Dare to Venture’

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