“Imposter Syndrome” by Happy. | Review

I first discovered Happy. through the singles from their 2018 debut album, “Cult Classic,” and have been an avid fan of the band’s music ever since, so their sophomore album “Imposter Syndrome” quickly became one of my most anticipated releases for 2020, and it did not disappoint.

The album kicks off with the one-two punch of the first two singles – “Sick Is The New Sane” and “A Cure For Wellness,” both of which deliver catchy instrumentals and melodies throughout, and that memorability makes both of them great choices for singles. The third track, “Hooky,” is a bit softer than the two tracks before it (although the vocals and drums get louder as the song builds up to its upbeat chorus, and the instrumentals are harder-hitting during the bridge), and longtime fan favorite “Liarliar” puts a slightly more aggressive twist on the band’s pop-punk sound with punk-influenced instrumentals and raw vocals that perfectly convey the emotion in the lyrics. 

“Dull Boy,” fourth single “Background Noise,” and “After School Special” all follow a very similar pattern as the first couple of tracks, driven by upbeat, hard-hitting instrumentals leading up to some more very memorable choruses. “April Is For Fools” brings a bit more energy to the table, and in addition to being one of the catchiest songs on here, it’s also one of the most powerful lyrically, paying a meaningful tribute to a friend of the band. “June Gloom” is very energetic as well, and showcases the “punk” side of the band’s pop-punk sound through that energetic instrumentation, which delivers some darker composition at the end before the song transitions into the closing track, “Black Picket Fence.” This track is primarily led by an acoustic guitar and softer vocals until hard-hitting instrumentals come in at the end to close out the song and the album on a very strong note, and the tempo changes throughout the song make it even more interesting to listen to.

Review courtesy of Megan Langley | Instagram

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