RevelRelations artist Michael J White Interview

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How did you get into music, and what made you want to pursue a career in this industry?
 I started going to karaoke, and once I got done singing, people kept asking me if I made my own music. When I said no they said “With a voice like yours, you should pursue a career and make your own music” so that was the start of that. And that was late 2016. But I started making my own music at the beginning of 2019.
 Who inspires you?
It varies, other artists big or local artists. 
 Are you currently making new music? If so when can we expect a release.
I am currently in the process of making an album. It’s called “My Heart” and the first single is set to release late February!
 For anyone that hasn’t heard of you before what song would you recommend the listen to first ? why?
I would say they should listen to my song “Can’t Seem to Say It”. It has a 80’s 90’s vibe. It just makes you want to dance. One of my favorite releases of 2019.
 What would you say is your biggest accomplishment as an artist so far?
I think, making my first EP in under 6 months. We recorded 6 songs in 6 hours back in February 2019. I kept saying “I’ll put it out in the spring” and once all the songs were recorded I gave myself a release date. I was surprised that I finished a goal that I thought wasn’t achievable .
If someone who is reading this is going through a rough patch right now, what would you say to make them smile?
I would say, things get better in time, even if they don’t feel like they are, you just got to give it time. Do what you can to deal through the pain but always know that things will always be alright if you give it a little time.
How do you describe your genre of music?
I like to incorporate a little bit of everything in my songs. But lately it’s Lo-fi RnB and Pop (with K-Pop elements) 
Name an artist you’d like to Collaborate with and why?
I love Ariana Grande. Like seriously would die and go to heaven if she even acknowledged me. She is one of my inspirations vocally. Also a new fan of James Vickery. His voice is so magical and soulful.
What are you passionate about aside from music?
I am passionate about film editing. I love the artistic side of what happens behind the scenes. 
What motivates you?
Seeing other peoples accomplishments. I love seeing growth from other local artists and it pushes me to be like them. We all want the same thing and I will do what I can to get there.

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