Photos + Review | Shakka @ Militant Entertainment Launch ft Xyzelle, Jo Jordan, J.A.E, Drey Cheeks, & Amahla

R’n’B singer Shakka’s concert turned out to be an intimate launch night for Militant Entertainment, a new platform for London creatives, featuring some of the UK’s most exciting upcoming R’n’B singers. Shakka didn’t take to the stage until 12.30am! I had arrived at 8pm. I was treated to some truly outstanding performances from Xyzelle, Jo Jordan, Drey Cheekz, Amahla and J.A.E. I had never heard any of their music and am now a fan of five new amazing artists. Xyzelle, 18, opened the stage with some mellow songs backed by subtle trap beats. Jo Jordan brought out an incredible guitarist (with an incredible afro) to perform some passionate love songs. Drey Cheekz came with a strong voice and good humour to sing some of her own material as well as a couple of covers. Amahla swept the crowd into a frenzy, with some people entranced by her soulful jazzy set. J.A.E sang and performed honest spoken word pieces to the sounds of her backing band’s saxophone, drums and guitar. I was pleasantly surprised by all the pre-Shakka performers. Amahla was a particular standout for me. By the time Shakka came on, the room had swelled to full capacity and he gave and received great energy. He was sweating heavily ten minutes in and I was struggling to take any focused pictures of him, he was moving around so much, whipping up the crowds. He performed favourites like ‘Say Nada’ and ‘Man Down’ and left the stage all too quickly, with the crowd shouting for him to return. He never did but it was an excellent night overall.


Drey Cheeks


Jo Jordan



Photos & Review courtesy of India-Mae AlbyInstagram | Twitter

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