Dean Lewis’ A Place We Knew Tour ft Scott Helman

I love discovering new music, and one way I’ve been doing so in recent months is through the radio. One of my favorite artists I’ve discovered through doing this is Dean Lewis, an Australian musician who’s gotten a lot of recognition over here in America not just from the frequent radio play of his smash hit singles “Be Alright” and “Stay Awake,” but also from the album that both of these songs are on, called “A Place We Knew.” The album dropped during the spring of this year, and in support of it, Dean headed out on a worldwide headlining tour, which I attended the Denver date of.

Opening up the night was Scott Helman, a pop musician from Canada that I’ve also become pretty familiar with recently, especially with his latest release, his EP “Hang Ups,” which was released in late 2018. He opened with the title track off of that, and continued to play a variety of songs from throughout his discography, such as “Ripple Effect,” “PDA,” and “Gaslight” from his 2017 debut LP “Hôtel De Ville,” and fan favorite “Bungalow” from his 2014 EP “Augusta.” Throughout his entire set, which was just his voice and an acoustic guitar, Scott showed the talent he has as a musician and performer.

About twenty minutes after Scott finished, Dean Lewis took the stage in front of 1,100 fans who were ecstatic to see him perform. He opened his set with the opening track off of “A Place We Knew,” called “Hold Of Me,” followed by an older song, “Need You Now,” and the title track off of “A Place We Knew.” His setlist was primarily focused on songs from that record, including hits like “7 Minutes,” “Waves,” “Stay Awake” and “Be Alright,” as well as others, such as “Straight Back Down” (one of my personal favorites off the record), “Time To Go,” and “Half A Man.” Dean puts a lot of emotion into the performances in his songs, and the same thing goes for his live set as well. I loved the emotion he put into every song and think that might have been my favorite part about his entire live performance.

Both of the acts on the A Place We Knew Tour put on very impressive and captivating performances, making the show a great one overall.

Photos + Review courtesy of Megan Langley | Instagram

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