Interview with Kathana

What inspired you to start a career in music? 

My life has always revolved around music. I never even considered another career path. I started singing at a very young age and enjoyed it so much that I just kept going with it and never looked back.

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?

My music is a mix of electronic sounds and organic instruments. My producer and I like to lean towards EDM so people can dance and sing along easily, and we always try to add in our own unique flavors by using trumpet, electric guitar, and a lot of sampled sounds that we find ourselves. Sometimes we throw in some sprinkles of other genres like hip hop, jazz, Latin, or swing just to push the boundaries of pop music and make our songs sonically intriguing.

 To a new listener, what song would you suggest they listen to?

Check out Show Me Love. It’s a fun, easy to dance to song with a meaning that I think a lot of people could relate to.

What is your biggest goal for this year, musically and personally?

My biggest musical goal this year is to reach more people with my music. Personally, my goal is to have developed more self-love by the end of the year. Self-love is so important, because the way we perceive and experience the world depends on our mindset. And when our “cup” is full, it overflows and we can give more to others.

What is the meaning behind your most recent release?

My newest single “Running Wild” will be released soon. Follow me at for updates and the release date, (TBA).

“Running Wild” is about dealing with anxiety while being a relationship.

What inspired the song Show Me Love ?

My sister was going through some relationship issues, which inspired me to start writing the song. The guy she was with was very unpredictable. One minute he was there for her, and then would suddenly disappear, and this went back and forth over and over. It reminded me that I had experienced the same thing, and the song quickly became a story of my similar experience.

Will there be any upcoming new releases or tour dates in 2019?

There are no official release dates yet but as I mentioned “Running Wild” will be released next and there are plenty more to be released this year.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m a delegator extraordinaire. Need an itinerary? I will have it planned and mapped out down to the minute. I also swing dance, and I can identify almost any fragrance in food. Boom! Next question 😜

 Something you want your fans to know?

I love getting to know more about them and building true friendships through social media.

Have you faced any hardships being a women in the music industry / What advice do you have for other young ladies getting there start in this male driven industry?

Yes, I’ve definitely faced hardships. I encourage other young female artists to stand up for themselves and set boundaries, and know their worth.

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Interview by Cristine Trimarco


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