From idol to nightmare : Call Me Karizma

When I was younger, I looked up to many different artists and musicians in bands. Growing up is hard and finding music you relate to can help you through the tough times. Hearing a song that helped you really is a beautiful moment, you feel like your a part of something in the crowd, you feel less alone, you feel home.

Recently, I spoke to a few girls who have been hurt by a local Minnesota artist by the name of CallMeKarizma after seeing numerous threads on Twitter, as well as this video  of multiple fans coming out and speaking their truths about how he has treated them.

These tough times and happy feelings seem to be what Karizma started writing and releasing new music about. It was then things quieted down about his accusations years prior. Although he posted a phone conversation between him and a fan to “clear the air,” that in my opinion proved just how nasty he is to his supporters.

Fast forward to 2019, he has a tour planned; hundreds of his supporters buy tickets, he then cancels the remainder of his tour. Fans began calling venue, informing them of how he treats his fans, including those who are underage, and those venues began dropping his shows. In the following days, Karizma cancelled the remainder of the tour to announce he would be doing basement/house shows, where it’s “free” and “any donations will go to a charity chosen,” trying to look like a hero, when in reality he is the exact opposite to the fans he hurt — a real life nightmare even.

I interviewed a few fans who came forward about their stories. Before I share those answers, I just want to thank them for being brave and speaking out. I will do everything I can to help protect this music scene, especially those who are younger and often easily blinded at first.

** Trigger Warning : Manipulation / R*pe **

How were you introduced to Karizma’s music?

Fan 1: “I was introduced to his music by some friends.”

Fan 2: “I was introduced through twitter basically, a lot of the people i followed (tøp fans) listened to him including my best friend so i checked him out.”

Fan 3: “I was introduced to Karizma when I saw him open up for the summer set.”

His music is “relatable” to a lot of teens, was it relatable to you?

Fan 1: “yes his music was relatable and that’s the thing, I was a fan of him because of the music not his looks I’ve never been attracted to him.”

Fan 2: “no. honestly i never really enjoyed his music. very weird vibes. but i supported because i know what it’s like the be very small and have no support. “

Fan 3: “of course. I feel like most would considering his lyrics were catchy and about the bad aspects of mental health being normal.”

Did he use your mental health to get closer to you?

Fan 1: “yes he did use mental health to get closer to me and my friends.”

Fan 2: “i think he tried to but im very hard headed and never really responded to him when i liked him”

Fan 3: “100% he did. He confirmed he would talk to me and be there for me and would listen, then flipped around and used it against me to manipulate me and gaslight me into believing that I was the bad guy.”

How old were you when you first spoke with Karizma? Was he aware of your age?

Fan 1: “I was 16 when we first spoke and met, he was very well aware of my age.”

Fan 2: “i was 18 when he first started talking to me but 17 when i found him and yes he knew my age, he asked me via dm and i can send screenshots if you want”

Fan 3: ”I was 16, and yes he knew”

At what point did he make you feel uneasy with the things he said to you?

Fan 1: “He made me feel uncomfortable when he started talking sexually to me after everyone fell asleep.”

Fan 2: “he never personally made me feel uneasy but when he started saying weird manipulative things to my friend i knew something was up”

Fan 3: “when he started making comments about my looks and started saying inappropriate things to me and my friends about how we ‘ probably give good head’ and ‘that we like dick’ and asked us to kiss.”

Did he force you to do anything?

Fan 1: “yes he did force me.”

Fan 2: “no, he did not.”

Fan 3: “not physically but more so through manipulation yes.”

Did he threaten you, or laugh off something you know was serious?

Fan 1: “yes he did, he said “I do this all the time and get away with it” right before raping me.”

Fan 2: “he never threatened me, but he was an ass to me. i was with him in nj and had to be home for my mom asap and he was laughing at it and just called me annoying because he wanted to hook up with my friend who was there and i was ‘getting in the way of that’  ”

Fan 3: “yes he threatened to get me blacklisted through another photographer in the scene by lying about what happened in my situation.”

Have you received a cease and desist letter from him, and have you filed a police report against him?

Fan 1: “no I have not received a letter and no I have not filed a report because I feel like they won’t believe me, and the incident happened in another state.”

Fan 2: “no I have not.”

Fan 3: “I have not, and I’m planning what courses I can possibly take to hopefully build a proper case”

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