COUNTERFEIT. – together we are stronger | Review


Counterfeit is a U.K punk band that burst into the scene in 2015. Their most recent release, Together We Are Stronger, definitely gave them some well deserved attention. With dark lyrics, heavy guitar, and dirty, yet melodic vocals. This album is something many can enjoy. Their single, As Yet Untitled is a fast paced, energized and heavy track. Yet more mellow tracks like Letters to The Lost don’t disappoint with meaningful lyrics and beautiful singing, giving off some Nirvana vibes. This album gives you anything you want and more. Songs about rebellion, love, lust and loss, Together We Are Stronger is an album for anyone looking to find a new band that they can relate too. Punk in fact isn’t dead, Counterfeit is breathing a fresh breath of life into a scene that always needs something new.
Review courtesy of Emily Sulkowski.
Listen & purchase here : Spotify | iTunes | Amazon 

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