Made In America Tour | Review

Just about a month ago, I got the chance to see Waterparks perform with As it Is, Chapel and Sleep on It in New York City. The first band to play was Sleep on it followed by Chapel, As it Is, then Waterparks. The show was overall incredible and exposed me to some new artists.

The first band to play was Sleep on It, they have an amazing energy on stage that I really enjoyed. I was not very familiar with them before but I enjoyed their performance and the kind of things they stand for as a band. The spoke out against all the sexual violence this music scene is facing and that definitely put them even higher on my list of bands to support. Overall a band that I would love to see perform again.

The second band to perform was a band I knew very little about prior to watching their set. The only thing I knew of them was that their album was called “Sunday Brunch” and that they took their fans out to IHOP. Chapel is a two-piece band that has the same amount of energy between the two of them that a band of larger size brings to the stage. Their drummer had an incredible amount of talent as did their vocalist. After watching their performance, I went and downloaded their newest release.

As it Is followed them and I was already familiar with their discography. They came all the way from the UK to be on this tour. Lead singer Patty Walters is up there on my list of top performers I have seen live. His energy is incredible and he has great vocals to match. It was one amazing opener on top of another.

Waterparks headlined the entire show and there was a lot of real emotion in the performance. Lead singer Awsten Knight has been going through a lot lately which has been evident through his tweets. His performance was a great representation of all that emotion. This was my second time seeing them perform and this show definitely topped the first one I saw them play.

On top of watching all these incredible bands perform I had the pleasure of photographing them. It was an awesome opportunity to capture all the energy and emotion each band put into their performances.

As someone who has been to many concerts this one makes it up there as one of the best ones I have been to in a while. Each band gave the performances their all and made for an incredible show.

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Photos & review courtesy of Rebecca McKay

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