Mya’s first concert | The Dollyrots

Mya, 10, attended her first concert on March 22, 2017. She went with her aunt, aunt’s best friend, her grandma, & her grandpa. The concert was held at the Fubar in St. Louis, Missouri. The Dollyrots consist of punk rock couple Luis Cabezas, guitarist/vocals, Kelly Ogden, Bassist/ vocals. The drummer on this current tour who has been with them a few years is Rikki Styx. A member of the Two Tens who opened for The Dollyrots. Mya has been listening to The Dollyrots since she was 3 years old. She has collected all of the cd’s and put stickers all over her room. She was really, really excited to get to see them in person. She was hoping to meet them, but she got to do more than that. We had got to the concert, waited patiently, and stood in the front row. Finally the show we had waited months for had finally started. We were seeing The Dollyrots in real life. It was AWESOME! They played lots of songs from “Kick Me To The Curb” to songs off the new album ‘Whiplash Splash’ It was exciting to hear the new songs live. This album was put out via PledgeMusic with support from the fans. The band worked hard recording and packing the packages up. It was released on March 24th. Those who had pledged got it a month earlier, How sweet! Be sure to check it out. Kelly Ogden, lead singer/ bassist, dedicated”Jackie Chan” to Kritter, Mya’s Aunt, because one of the DVD’s Kritter had found at the Goodwill was a Jackie Chan DVD. Then she gave Mya a shout out for being at her first concert. Then at the very end the most exciting thing in the world happened for Ms Mya. During the last song, “Because I’m Awesome” Kelly came down in the crowd. She sang with all of us and then she grabbed Mya by the hand and took her on stage. Mya got to sing the last verse of the song. She handled it like a rock star. Singing with Kelly was a life changing moment. She even got to hit the drum! Mya’s Grandma and Grandpa couldn’t see this from where they were sitting but they wanted to include a special THANK YOU to the Dollyrots. What a special way to enjoy a first concert. She also got to meet the band after the show for autographs and photographs. They are just the sweetest people on the planet.

Write up by Katie Ritter.  | Photos by Thomas Ricks of

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