Interview with MODERNS


– How did you get into music, and what made you want to pursue a career in this industry.
 Chris: I started playing piano at 5 after I pestered my mom until she gave in. At 10 I discovered the synthesizer.  It was love at first sight/sound.
I ended up in LA and went to the music program at UCLA and I got sucked into the industry then.

Rosie :  My dad is a musician, so I grew up around it. I picked up the guitar when I was around 17 because I was interested in song writing.  I wrote my first song on an 8 track cassette recorder around the same time. I started playing small shows a couple of years later and realized it was exactly what I wanted to do!


– Are you currently making more new music ?
 Chris: Everyday
Rosie : Yes!  our 2nd EP should be out soon.
-what has the feedback been like for your newest release “Statique” ?
 Chris: Everyone seems to really like this track.
Rosie : People seem to love this song in a whole different way.  I think it’s a really different sound, so there’s nothing else like it – people like different, they feel like they’re a part of something.  I think Statique does that for people.
You can watch the video for ” Statique ” here 
– An artist you would like to collaborate, and or tour with ?
 Chris: I’ll give the standard producer answer, but it’s pretty true. Radiohead or NIN.

Rosie : I enjoy writing all different kinds of music, but if it had to do more with the Moderns sound, I’d love to do something with The Knife, Chvrches… Odesza!

Same answers for being on the road.
-How would you describe your genre of music ?
 Chris: Stoner synth pop.
Rosie : Weird Awesome Synth Pop.

-For anyone  that hasn’t heard of you before what song would you recommend the listen to first ? why?
 Chris: Might as well start with Statique. I think if they can handle that weirdness then they would be open and curious to everything else.
Rosie : Statique because it’s catchy, fun and interesting, as a second choice maybe Kowalski!

-What is  the story behind your band name?
 Rosie : Chris chose it!
Chris:  I am a huge architecture nut. I love good design especially things that are mid century modern. Moderns is less of a mouth full.
-What’s your biggest accomplishment as a band so far ?
 Chris:  Nothing really as far as what we want to and what we feel we can accomplish.
Rosie : Nothing too big yet, but that’s why we are working so hard.  It was really fun to play our show Tuesday, and have people grab a physical copy of the EP even if they already got it off iTunes.  Just lots of smaller, yet great, things have happened so far – It’s been fun!

– Rosie,  being a women in the music industry , what is your perspective on it ?
Not really sure how to answer that.  I just feel like a person in the music industry.   I’ve been in a few different projects before, tried the solo thing, etc.  I would say it’s been the easiest to be myself In this project compared to the others.

– If someone who is reading this is going through a rough patch right now, what would you say to make them smile ?
 Chris: Wow. Well. I guess that really depends as we aren’t licensed therapists. 😉 but really, I find people get sooo wrapped up with emotional bullshit and baggage they lose perspective. Step back, look at the world around you and really see your place in it and you’ll realize things will be ok if you want them to be.  I think this is more of a Rosie question.  Hahaha.

Rosie : My mom always says that half the fun is getting there.  Sounds cheesy but it helps to remind yourself.  Always take the time to stop and appreciate what you DO have.  If you can’t find happiness with very little, you’ll never know how to enjoy the bigger picture or whatever it is you are always pursuing.   So I guess whatever it is, keep your chin up and stop stressing over all the dumb stuff.  ❤️ XOXOXOOXXO
You can keep up with everything MODERNS is doing below .

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