World Tour – Paramount Long Island NY

A look back to 2014… On November 24th I went to the Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens, The World Tour. The openers for this show included Beartooth and This Wild Life. Both of those bands are extremely talented. Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens blew me away. I had never seen either of those bands live before and they sounded perfect. Pierce the Veil started the show and sang hits such as Bulletproof Love, Im Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket, and of course King for a Day featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens. King for a Day was the last song on the Pierce the Veil set allowing for a perfect lead into the Sleeping with Sirens set. Sleeping with Sirens opened with a new track, Kick Me. They sang other songs such as Roger Rabbit, If you Can’t Hang, and Do it Now Remember it Later. All in all the show was fantastic. I even managed to get some fairly decent photos with the point and shoot I brought to the show. The energy from the audience made the show that much better. If you ever get the chance to see any of those bands live I highly recommend you do so.

Review & Photos by Rebecca McKay


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