The Between The Roses Tour -11/4/14


The Between The Roses Tour hit Brooklyn NY on 11/4/14. The concert as a whole was amazing. The acoustic performances by Rookie Of The Year, Jason Lancaster, Summit, Joel Faviere and SayWeCanFly blew my mind. Their voices were amazing. They hit difficult notes with ease. It was a simple show but the talent was the main focus and that is what made the entire show unforgettable. This is all now performed a set. Even though they weren’t acoustic they still fit the theme of the night. They were very energetic and really brought the entire audiences eyes to them. All of the performers walked around during the show and I met all except Jason and two members from This Is All Now. There was a familiar face among the crowd. Matt formerly in Kingsfoil was there and was nice enough to take a picture with me. I highly suggest checking out all of these talented bands and individuals.

Gianna Ciotti

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