Written Interview with : Daylight


Pop punk four piece from Barcelona Spain 

From the start of your band, to your band present day what is something that has never changed ?

There’s too much stuff that changed during the years. We are not teenagers anymore, we all have more responsibilities in life than when it all began back in 2004.
Something that has not changed at all, we all started being best friends playing music, something that it’s 100% true today.

What is the song writing process like, are you all involved ?

It’s fun when someone comes up to rehearsal with a new idea! The rehearsal room turns into a battlefield, where we work together for get the best from each one of us. There’s always a lot of argue in each raw song we’ve got in process. We are a very passionate band

When it comes to your upcoming shows, which one are you most excited for ?

We’re bound to tour Russia on Feb-March 2015.

We’ve been there in 2011 and crowds are wild and wonderful. Wild because guys give it all on each song we play and Russian girls are just incredible.

If you had to tell a smaller, just starting out artist, or band advice on how to get where you are today what would you say ?

We’re kinda maniacs. There’s a bunch of bands out there that consider themselves “Hard Working”, and are the first to refresh on facebook to see if someone sent them a record deal yet. Hard Working means practice 5 times a week, presence on social networks (All of them) with interesting content, personal improvement as musicians everyday and play/tour as much as possible. Maybe it won’t fit your parents plans for you. But it’s worth it.

Who/ whom is the musical inspiration behind Daylight ?

We all have different influences! I used to look at Fat Mike and tell myself that he was the coolest punk guy on earth. Wojtek is a fanatic of Bon Jovi and Victor exactly the same with Dream Theater’s ex drummer Mike Portnoy. Today we listen to so much music that it’s too hard to tell.

How do you prepare for a show ?

Warm up is the most important. We run through vocal parts, stretch out as we’re going on workout, check if the guitars are in tune and slap hands!

What do you guys do while you’re off from touring, or making music ?

Well, I started a sock company with my brother called American Socks that’s going pretty well all around Europe. Victor works at a huge financial company and Albert is a psychologist. Pretty weird!!!

In your opinion, what direction do you think your genre of music is going in today’s music industry ?

Pop-Punk is in constant evolution, today there’s a lot of amazing bands that recently broke in and are doing a great job. Music Industry is also in constant evolution. Can’t exactly say what’s going to happen with both.

For someone who is new to Daylight’s music what song would you suggest they listen to first ?

I would suggest to get a spin to “Consequences”, it’s a really catchy song that everyone who’s into Rock’n’Roll may like. We released a music video that’s on our youtube channel where we even burn a car! “Summer Season” from our 2011 record “2 Cool 4 School” is the anthem everyone sings in our shows.

For anyone struggling with a hard time right now, what would you say to them to brighten their day ?

During the writing process of our new album we had a really bad time. The singer that’s been with us during the last 8 years left and we had to manage to get through. It proved that we can overcome everything we find on the way. The most important is to believe in yourself and act with positive attitude. Life can be a roller coaster but at the end of the tunnel there’s Daylight!

” One More Flight ” was just released .What song are you most proud of ? 

Listen to the opening song, “Anthem Of the Broken”. We’ve been playing that tune all over China and Japan as a slight preview of the new album. It has got some typical Spanish instrumentation.

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