Jake Miller Planet Hollywood Meet & Greet

On August 6th, 2014 Christine Trimarco and I had the privilege of being part of the 4,000 fans to go to Planet Hollywood to meet Jake Miller.

Jake Miller is an American rapper and singer from Weston, Florida. He is signed to Warner Bros.Records. On November 5th, 2013 he released his debut album called Us Against Them, which later became a national concert tour.There are fun catchy songs (Collide, My Couch) that would bring the audience in and show them how Jake is a good artist. But once they start to like him and search him they find how great an artist he really is. They would find catchy but more serious songs like (A Million Lives, Like Me, Steven, and First Flight Home) these songs show a different side of Jake.This side deals with many emotions towards his life and his fan’s lives. He tells stories his fans can relate to and shows how he sometimes needs reassurance and advice. Topics of the more serious songs are (sickness, bullying, fears, death, being homesick, and suicide.) Jake expresses his feelings through his music. This has helped many of his fans get through many different situations.

That day in Manhattan at Planet Hollywood was a dream come true for most if not all 4,000 people there. Girls and boys of all ages waited 5 or more hours just to spend about a minute with him each. He made sure he met all 4,000 fans. He is not only devoted to his music but he is devoted to his fans.

Pictured below ( left to right ) myself, Jake Miller, Christine, and Devin.



Victoria Gilligan

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