Artist of the Month for August : In Her Own Words

Based out of Los Angeles CA, In Her Own Words a pop punk – pop rock band. Made up of  vocalist Joey Fleming, guitarist Ian Berg, bassist Eric Ruelas, and drummer Omar Sultani. The band is out on their Fast Tunes Small Rooms tour right now through to August 23rd, ending in their hometown. Their acoustic “East & West” EP is out now on iTunes, along with the 7-song EP “Everything I Used To Trust.” They are writing/recording a full length record release for 2014. They are for sure a band you should keep your eyes on. If they’re rolling through a city near you on this tour go to a show. Show them the support they deserve sometimes they’re a long way from home and having fans sing along at shows makes them feel at home. Interview with the band & photos to follow, so keep checking back  here.

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