Artist of the Month : Life On The Sideline

Artist of the Month : Life On The Sideline

“Someone once told me, write what you know… because that’s what will resonate with you and that’s all that you need,” says Life On The Sideline’s singer Nick DiCiancia. This brutal self-reflection is exactly what LOTS debut full length “Honesty Is A Dying Breed” is all about: It’s a journey that doesn’t skip a chapter. For better or for worse, DiCiancia puts his life out there for the world to hear.  After self-releasing their EP “Outpatient” in 2012 and making the rounds up and down the East Coast to get their touring legs wet, LOTS proceeded to tap producer Ryan Moge of Valiant studios to begin recording their debut full length in the summer of 2013. reminiscent of such older emo/punk bands The Early November and Brand New and newer bands like Transit and Citizen, LOTS brings their own take on a genre that seems to be branching out more and more each day. “Honesty Is A Dying Breed” comes out April 22nd via Take This To Heart records and it’s a lyrical and musical ride that thrives on the ups and downs of life, the quiet/loud dynamics of the song writing and ultimately the truth that goes into every note of every song.

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March 20 –
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March 22 –
March 23 – NJ @ TBA

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