Paradise Fears’s latest EP, entitled Battle Scars, slayed the iTunes Alternative charts with it’s highly anticipated release this summer. On the day of its June release, the EP beat out Fall Out Boy’s long awaited comeback album for the coveted number one spot. Over the summer, countless Paradise Fears fans, or “turtles” as they call themselves, had the entire EP on repeat for days on end. Battle Scars is a relatable tale of self-discovery, bravery, empowerment, love, and loss, brought to life by the words and music of the six talented young men who make up Paradise Fears.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. “Into (Preclude)” [Explicit]
2. “Battle Scars”
3. “What Are You Waiting For?”
4. “Warrior”
5. “Lullaby”
6. “Fought for me” [Explicit]
7. “Used”
8. “Battle Scars (Reprise)”

It is clear that this alternative rock band with South Dakota roots is headed in a direction everyone can be proud of. The first time you listen to Battle Scars, it is very easy to understand why Sam Miller (vocals), Jordan Merrigan (guitar), Cole Andre (guitar), Lucas Zimmerman (drums), Michael Walker (keyboards), and Marcus Sand (bass) are revered as “heroes” by so many. Give it a listen if you haven’t already! After all, what are you waiting for?

-Jacqueline Sosalski

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